1965 Citroën 2 CV SAHARA

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1965 Citroën 2 CV SAHARA
Only 28,000 km Genuine barnfind Second hand, original registration French registration title Chassis n° 728 According to a well established legend, Pierre-Jules Boulanger, Citroën’s president, launched the 2CV programme with the formula «four wheels under an umbrella». The TPV (“Très petite voiture” as tiny car) was studied as early as 1937 but was not presented until 1948, after a long gestation period caused by the war years. Powered by a 375 cc engine, the first 2 CVs were weak but full of practical ideas that gave them their exceptional versatility. Born rustic, it quickly became gentrified. Thanks to its attractions, it gained a new, more urban clientele and became a favourite with young people. In the mid-1950s, it was equipped with a 425 cc engine that allowed it to run at a decent pace. Citroën then improved its appearance by adding a more modern bonnet, tartan upholstery and new colours. This was only the beginning of an evolution that lasted until 1990, with 5 million cars produced. In 1957, a manufacturer from Normandy looking for a light all-terrain vehicle chose the 2CV, which he fitted with a second engine at the rear, thus obtaining a four-wheel drive. Citroën then became interested in this prototype and improved the design in order to produce it in small series. This creation was envisaged as a vehicle capable of travelling in the Sahara desert where oil exploration and exploitation was in full swing. Its 4-wheel drive system added unexpected crossing capabilities to the car’s initial qualities. This 2 CV Sahara is equipped with two 425 cc engines developing a total power of 26 hp. It is recognisable by the air vents on the rear quarter panel, the notched rear wings, the stamped rear trunk, the spare wheel on the bonnet and the fuel filler in the doors. In the end, only 694 examples of the little adventurer were produced between 1960 and 1967. At the origin of the car we present here, there is first of all a story of friendship between two men passionate about fishing. Mr Ribier, who was one of the founders of the Compagnie Française des Ferrailles, and Mr Mouret, a garage owner based in Mauriac in the Cantal. As soon as Mr Ribier had the opportunity, he returned to his native Cantal to participate in joyful fishing parties surrounded by his friends. As the rivers full of fish were not easily accessible, the car towing his boat regularly got stuck. Annoyed by these untimely events, Mr Ribier asked his friend Mr Mouret to find a car that would allow him to approach the rivers without hindrance. His choice was a 2 CV Sahara which, thanks to its crossing capacities, would enable him to tackle any type of terrain. This car was registered on 8 April 1965 in the Cantal. For the occasion, M. Ribier also bought a new Rocca boat, with its state of the art coupling, which allowed him to get as close as possible to the fish, which had only to behave well. When Mr Ribier died in 1976, his widow gave the 2CV to Mr Mouret who continued to use it for a few more years before storing it in the dry until today. When we visited the car, we discovered it under a thick layer of dust. It bears some of the scars of its off-road use that are now part of its history. The odometer shows 28,137 km which is the original mileage. As the engines are not blocked, restarting it should not be a problem. This car is exceptional due to its history and its state of preservation, which makes it certainly one of the most desirable 2CV Sahara among the rare survivors.  
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