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To realize an inventory

We provide you with a personalised and confidential service for the valuation and valorisation of your assets in the context of inheritance, division, insurance contracts, ISF declarations, dations, donations or simply for the valuation of a set of furniture.

The inventory is carried out at your residence by one or more specialists. This service is personalised and confidential and is the subject of an authenticated typed formal document. If it is not carried out for the purpose of sale, it is then completed with a fee note which is calculated on the basis of the amount of the inventory.
If required, and in a very short delay, we can be assisted by the best experts in all specialities. We move for such inventories and shares in all major cities of France.

As a member of Drouot SA, we possess the best software tools to follow the international art market News. We can thus show you the pictures of the closest objects on auction, the prices obtained, and compare them with the ones you own. This is how the price of an object is determined and you will have the possibility to participate in this process with us. A detailed authentication and examination is sometimes necessary, and we know how to carry it out. It allows us to adjust the estimated opinion as well as possible.          
If you are hesitating in your process, we suggest you to contact our office and briefly explain your situation. We will then give you an advice, without any commitment on both sides.

If you have any enquiries, you can contact directly the specialist concerned among the SPECIALIZED DEPARTMENTS. For inventories including several specialities, you can contact Maître Sophie Perrine, Auctioneer,, +33 (0)1 41 92 06 44.

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