Meeting a specialist

Do you wish to find out the value of one or more objects; do you have financial requirements, or are you moving?
We can provide free and confidential valuations for paintings, furniture and objects you wish to sell. If necessary, within a very short timeframe, we can call on the services of leading experts in all specialities.

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As a member of Drouot SA, we use the most efficient IT tools to keep up with international market news. We can thus show you photos of the latest similar objects presented and the prices obtained, and compare them with yours.
This is how the price index of an object is decided, and you will be able to participate in this process with us.
Sometimes authentications and detailed examinations are necessary, and we can get these done. We can then tailor our estimate as accurately as possible.                  

Making an inventory

An inventory is a description and estimate of your movable assets. Our auction house organises inventories throughout France in the context of inheritances, divisions of family estates, insurance policies, wealth tax declarations, acceptance in lieu of tax, donations or simply to assess the value of your furniture, paintings, jewellery, vintage cars, etc.

The inventory is carried out at your home by one or more specialists. This service is personalised and confidential, and you are then given an official typed document. If it is not carried out in view of sale, you will receive an invoice based on the amount of the inventory.

We travel regularly to make visits, and organise free "in view of sale" valuation days at various towns in the provinces.

If you have any questions, you can contact the specialist of the department concerned directly: , Or one of our non-specialist auctioneers:

Séverine Luneau
+33(0)1 41 92 06 46

Agathe Thomas
+33(0)4 37 24 24 29




We can see you every Monday without an appointment at the salerooms of Lyon-Brotteaux and Neuilly-sur-Seine, and all other days with an appointment.

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