Inventory by Aguttes


We provide you with a personalised and confidential service for the valuation and valorisation of your assets in the context of inheritance, division, insurance contracts, ISF declarations, dations, donations or simply for the valuation of a set of furniture.
The inventory is carried out at your residence by one or more specialists. This service is personalised and confidential and is the subject of an authenticated typed formal document. If it is not carried out for the purpose of sale, it is then completed with a fee note which is calculated on the basis of the amount of the inventory.
If required, and in a very short delay, we can be assisted by the best experts in all specialities. We move for such inventories and shares in all major cities of France.

Maître Sophie Perrine, Auctioneer • +33 (0)1 84 20 05 88


"To advise a family, in the context of a succession, a partition or the management of a property assets, you need to be familiar with the artefacts, their value and the applicable tax regime. It is most importantly necessary to have the common sense to solve conflicts, if necessary, and not to create new ones. This role of mediation allows me to guide families through this particular step, to facilitate exchanges based on factual and transparent elements and to adjust the distribution of the possessions in a fair and respectful way of the formulated wishes. I have these strengths and this has allowed me, for more than 45 years, to successfully and smoothly handle a considerable number of family transactions, whether the capital involved is very large or small.

Claude Aguttes, Chairman and Auctioneer



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