Once the valuation has been carried out and the sale conditions negotiated, we will send the items to the earliest appropriate specialist sale. Those of lesser importance will be dispersed during the twice-monthly sales that take place on Tuesdays in Neuilly, and on Thursdays in Lyon.
In certain cases, we may suggest organising a sale on-site.

Sale conditions:

When items intended for sale are consigned, a list is drawn up and a contract describing the conditions of sale is signed.
This indicates the minimum prices and sellers' fees, which will be deducted from the hammer price, and are negotiated case by case depending on the importance of the items.
These fees include:
- The auctioneer's fees
- Photography costs (all photos are taken by a professional photographer)
- Pre-sale valuation costs (except the cost of any necessary certification, invoiced by the cataloguists if relevant)
- Insurance costs
- Catalogue costs
- The cost of advertisements in the national and international press
A cheque for the proceeds of the sale is sent to the seller between 4 and 6 weeks after the sale.

Tax implications

Auctions are subject to tax.
Capital gains tax is 6.5% of the hammer price and is deducted from each item sold by a private individual for any amount over €5,001. This tax is exonerated in two cases:
- If the item has belonged to the seller for more than 22 years (in which case it is necessary to complete a form, which should be sent to us together with one of the supporting documents described).
To access the form, click here.
- If the seller is a foreign national and not a tax resident in France.
To access the form, click here.
- If the seller is a foreign national and not a tax resident in France.

Why choose Aguttes?

Our auction house is characterised above all by its family spirit (a small, highly- motivated team) and the personal relationship created between clients and the members of the company. Thanks to the synergy between our four sales sites (Neuilly, Drouot, Lyon and Deauville) and our constant presence, shored up by a record number of sales (190) each year, we can offer sellers access to the entire buyers' market within a very short timeframe.

Each object is studied by the specialist concerned, who includes it in the dedicated catalogue. This catalogue is then disseminated to potential buyers throughout the world.
An advertising campaign, the dissemination of information on the social media and exhibitions are organised to promote the items and thus obtain the best prices.

Personal contact is fostered from the first appointment through to the final payment.
Numerous professionals and private individuals within and outside France have placed their trust in us, as witness the sales of the Mamounia's furniture in Marrakech, the sale of Kenzo's personal collection, the sale of the Chirée collection at Drouot, and the sales of the Roger Vivier collection and President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing's furniture.