"SOLITARY" RING Round old-cut diamond, platinum...

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"SOLITARY" RING Round old-cut diamond, platinum...

"SOLITARY" RING Round old-cut
diamond, platinum (950)
Pb:4.5 gr - Td:55
Accompanied by an LFG certificate N°363951 attesting:
Weight: 5.51 cts
Colour: D Purity: VS2
Fluorescence: None - Type IIa # lot visible by appointment
A diamond and platinum ring.

HISTORICAL GOLDHOUSE Scientists classify diamonds into two main "types", type I and type II, depending on whether or not they contain nitrogen atoms as a replacement for carbon atoms in their atomic structure.
In Type II diamonds, there is no nitrogen detected in infrared spectrometry, i. e. they are diamonds of high chemical purity, with a perfect atomic structure.
Type II is divided into two groups: type IIa diamonds, very rare, (only 0.8% of diamonds belong to this group) are generally colourless, brown or pink, it is possible to find them in the deposits of Brazil, South Africa or Lesotho. Type IIb diamonds (containing boron) are extremely rare and vary in colour from blue to blue grey.

Most of Golconde's diamonds belong to this type IIa. This type of diamond is referred to as "characteristic water" because it is very pure and has a sub-metallic brilliance.
According to the LFG (French Gemmology Laboratory) a "Golconde" type diamond is a type IIa diamond, D-E-F color and pure purity at VVS, (very very small inclusion(s))*.
In addition to these characteristics, the only diamonds that can obtain this designation at the LFG are important (greater than 5 ct) and old-cut diamonds (small table, high crown height, open cut).

Golconde diamonds, or the mythical origin par excellence of the most beautiful diamonds in the world.

The most famous historical diamonds would come from the mythical kingdom of Golconde: the blue diamond of Louis XIV, the Sancy, the Regent, but also the Koh-I-Noor, the Darya-I-Noor, the Shah, the Agra diamond, the eye of the Idole and man
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