VERLAINE PAUL (1844-1896)

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VERLAINE PAUL (1844-1896)
Cellulairement, autograph manuscript of 32 poems, with an unpublished autograph letter from Verlaine to Sivry illustrated with an ORIGINAL DRAWING Brussels, Mons, 1873-1875. 32 autograph handwritten poems by Paul Verlaine on 69 small in-4 pages numbered by him from 1 to 75 on blue-striped school paper (each page is striped with 22 lines). Sometimes Verlaine cut out a part of the page by reworking his text (one half of page 18, to which is added a part of another page; and of page 31; page 36, where two parts are cut out to remove two stanzas). Pages 19, 20, 32-34 are missing; we go directly from page 42 to page 45 with Verlaine's hand (''suite à 42 PV''). All mounted on tabs. Full morocco taupe, back with nerves titled gold, lining decorated with bottle green morocco, moiré guards, slipcase (Marius Michel). Numerous variants on the texts published in Sagesse, Jadis et Naguère, Parallèlement, Invectives, etc. I. To the reader--II. False impression--III. Other--IV. On the waters--V. Lullabies--VI. The Song of Gaspard Hauser--VII. A Pouacre--VIII. Almanac for the past year--IX. Hope glows like a straw--X. Things that sing in the head--XI. Ah, it's really sad...--XII. Kaleidoscope--XIII. Reversibilities--XIV. Images of a penny--XV. Old coppers. The first decade "To charm the pants off you"--XVI. The Choiseul passages with the smells of yesteryear--XVII. Toward Saint Denis....--XVIII. Enough of the Gambettards!...--XIX. Tired! I'm on the Index...--XX. I was born romantic....--XXI. The Wing where I am giving...--XXII. O Belgium...--XXIII. For a year and more I haven't seen the tail...--XXIV. "Let's dam up the streams, the meadows drink enough"--XXV. Poetic Art --XXVI. Via dolorosa--XXVII. Crimen Amoris--XXVIII. Grace--XXIX. Don Juan pipé, - Mystery--XXX. Final Impenitence--XXXI. In love with the devil--XXXII. Final. Attached: - an unpublished autograph letter signed by Paul Verlaine [to his ex-brother-in-law Charles de Sivry], dated Februar
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