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Rue de village, vers 1919/1920
Oil on canvas, signed lower left
38 x 46 cm - 15 x 18 in.

L'avis du Comité Vlaminck n° 4648 émis par le Wildenstein Institute en date du 12 septembre 1995 indiquant l'insertion au catalogue raisonné de l'oeuvre de Maurice de Vlaminck sera remis à l'acquéreur

Galerie Norbert Hanse, Paris
Collection privée, France


Born in 1876 in Paris into a Flemish family of musicians, Maurice de Vlaminck is a French artist. It was from his meeting with André Derain in 1900 that he devoted himself to his painting talent. The two men became friends and decided to rent a studio together. In 1901 an exhibition was held dedicated to the works of Vincent Van Gogh. It was a revelation for Vlaminck and Derain. The way in which the colors were treated influ­enced them when they laid the foundations for the “fauvist” movement afterwards. In 1902 he met Matisse and his career took a decisive turn. In 1905 the artist participated in the famous Salon d'Automne. This salon revealed to the public those who would later be called “fauvists”, thanks to their use of simplified forms and pure colors. The emphasis is on color, with the use of a saturated palette. Vlaminck's talent does not go unnoticed. The merchant Ambroise Vollard bought his entire production from him and organized an exhibition dedicated to the artist in 1907.

The First World War had a profound effect on Vlaminck's artistic production. His use of color evolved towards darker chromatic ranges and his style became almost expres­sionist. He begins to paint troubled and tortured landscapes. Vlaminck wishes to represent the sensitive world, using a fig­urative style in which color plays a major role. The painting we present dates from 1919-1920, a village road gets lost in the horizon, and is very representative of his painting after the war. An obscure silhouette seems to be heading towards the end of this road, the shady sky sets the tone for this oil on canvas.
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