Enchères du 7 au 21 juin 2021
Sale information


Du lundi 7 au lundi 21 juin 2021

Fin des enchères à 17h

Exposition sur rendez-vous :

Du mardi 8 au vendredi 18 juin

+33 (0)6 69 33 85 16

Exposition publique :

Lundi 21 juin : 11h-13h et 14h-17h

Contact :

François Rault

+33 (0)6 69 33 85 16

Expert :

Geoffroy Ader

+33 (0)6 48 03 58 79

Sales conditions

The sale will be made in cash and conducted in Euros (€).

The buyers will pay, in addition to the bids, a fee of 30% VAT included.

The fact that the Client places a bid irrevocably implies acceptance

of the sale costs.

Lots in which the SVV or one of its partners has a financial interest.


In accordance with the law, the information given in the catalogue

is the responsibility of SAS Claude Aguttes and its expert, taking

into account the corrections announced at the time of the presentation

of the object and recorded in the sale's minutes. The

attributions have been established taking into account scientific

and artistic knowledge at the date of the sale.

All lots can be viewed at the exhibitions or on request to our staff,

however, in this period of confinement, the photos are considered

to be the exhibition. The reproductions of the works in the catalogue

are as faithful as possible, although differences in colour

or tone may occur. Dimensions are given as an indication only.

The state of conservation of the works is not always specified. The

absence of details does not mean that the lot is in good condition.

When condition is specified, this is done only as an indication. Nothing

replaces the examination of the lots by the buyer. However,

our teams are at the disposal of potential buyers to provide them

with additional photos, videos and/or condition reports so that they

can form their own opinion. Restorations or accidents may not be

visible on the photos provided. No claims will be accepted regarding

possible restorations or accidents once the auction has taken

place. The condition reports requested from SAS Claude Aguttes

and the expert prior to the sale are given for information only. They

are not binding and cannot be the basis for any legal claim.

The French text is the official text which will be used in the event

of a dispute. Descriptions in English and dimensions in inches are

given as an indication only and cannot be the basis for a claim.


The bidder may place bids at his convenience, from the opening

of the sale and during the entire period of the sale until the last

minutes. If the bidder loses a lot during the last minutes of the auction,

he will not receive an information e-mail. It is therefore always

recommended to follow the sale during the final auctions or to

enter your maximum bid. The system will carry them for the bidder

up to his maximum bid without him being behind his screen. The

lots are numbered according to an order of passage which corresponds

to the order of the "expected" end of the auction. A provisional

end time is indicated for each lot in the sale. Please note that

bidding may continue beyond this time as the timer restarts by one

minute for each new bid placed during the last 60 seconds. The

bidder with the highest bid will be the winner.

By placing a bid, the bidders assume personal responsibility for

paying the auction price, increased by the costs to be paid by

the buyer and any taxes or duties due. Unless there is a written

agreement with SAS Claude Aguttes, prior to the sale, mentioning

that the bidder is acting as a proxy for a third party identified and

approved by SAS Claude Aguttes, the bidder is deemed to be

acting in his own name. We remind our sellers that it is forbidden

to bid directly on lots belonging to them. In the event of a double

bid recognised by the auctioneer due to a possible malfunction of

the platform, the lot will be put back up for sale, with all the amateurs

present being able to bid on this second auction.

Aguttes shall not be held responsible for any malfunction of the

platform or interruption of the connection during a sale that may

prevent a buyer from bidding.

Online sales end according to a timer indicated on each lot. SAS

Claude Aguttes cannot be held responsible for a time difference

or any other malfunction. SAS Claude Aguttes cannot be held responsible

for the interruption or slowing down of a connection and

cannot be held responsible for the closing of the auction.


Lots can be collected by appointment, once payment has been

received, at 164 bis avenue Charles de Gaulle in Neuilly sur Seine.

It is recommended that the successful bidders collect their lots by

the carrier of their choice as soon as possible* in order to avoid

storage costs, which must be paid before collection.

*In the event that it is impossible to collect the lots due to the current

health crisis, these deadlines will exceptionally be extended

by specific agreement with the sales department concerned.

The auctioneer and the expert are not responsible for the storage

of the lots in any way whatsoever. As soon as the item is sold, it will

be under the full responsibility of the buyer.

The buyer will be responsible for insuring his acquisitions, and

SAS Claude Aguttes declines all responsibility for any damage

that the object may incur, and this as soon as the adjudication is


The lots will be delivered to the buyer in person or to a third party

designated by him and to whom he will have given an original

power of attorney and a copy of his identity card.


We strongly recommend that buyers pay us by credit card or bank


In accordance with article L.321-14 of the French Commercial

Code, an auctioned item can only be delivered to the buyer when

the company has received the price or when any guarantee has

been given on the payment of the price by the buyer.

Legal means of payment accepted by the accounting department:

- Cash: (article L.112-6; article L.112-8 and article L.112-8 al 2 of the

monetary and financial code)

- Up to €1,000

- Or up to €10,000 for individuals whose tax domicile is abroad

(upon presentation of passport)

- We strongly recommend that buyers pay us online or by bank


In accordance with article L.321-14 of the French Commercial

Code, an auctioned item can only be delivered to the buyer when

the company has received the price or when any guarantee has

been given on the payment of the price by the buyer.

- Online payment on (up to 10 000 €)

- Bank transfer: The exact amount of the invoice (bank charges are

not charged to the firm) from the buyer's account, indicating the

invoice number

Banque de Neuflize, 3 avenue Hoche 75008

Titulaire du compte : Claude AGUTTES SAS

Code Banque 30788 – Code guichet 00900

N° compte 02058690002 – Clé RIB 23

IBAN FR76 3078 8009 0002 0586 9000 223


- Credit card: a commission of 1.1% VAT included will be charged

for all payments > 50 000 €.

- American Express card: a commission of 2.95% including tax will

be charged for all payments.

- Cheque: (If no other means of payment is possible)

- On presentation of two pieces of identification

- No delay in collection is accepted in the case of payment by


- Delivery will only be possible twenty days after payment

- Foreign cheques are not accepted


Payments are in cash.

SAS CLAUDE AGUTTES will claim from the defaulting buyer interest

at the legal rate plus 5 points and the reimbursement of

additional costs incurred by his default, with a minimum of 500€,

including in the event of resale at an irresponsible bid:

- the difference between its auction price and the auction price

obtained during the resale

- the costs generated by these new auctions


In accordance with the law, it is specified that all civil liability

claims arising from auctions and voluntary and judicial sales of

furniture by public auction are subject to a five-year statute of limitations

from the date of the auction. French law alone governs

these general conditions of purchase. Any dispute relating to their

existence, their validity, their enforceability against any bidder and

purchaser, and their execution shall be settled by the competent

court in the jurisdiction of Paris (France).

If a customer feels that he or she has not received a satisfactory response, he or she is advised to contact the head of the relevant

department directly, as a matter of priority. In the absence of a response within the specified time limit, the customer may then contact

customer service at, which is attached to the Quality Department of SVV Aguttes.