FLAUBERT Gustave (1821-1880). L.A., Wednesday... - Lot 179 - Aguttes

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FLAUBERT Gustave (1821-1880). L.A., Wednesday... - Lot 179 - Aguttes
FLAUBERT Gustave (1821-1880). L.A., Wednesday evening [14 October 1846], to Louise COLET; 4 pages in-4. Beautiful and long letter to Louise Colet, notably about his friend Maxime Du Camp. The first part of the letter is devoted to a praise of Maxime DU CAMP, on the emotional as well as on the literary level: "He is a good, beautiful and great nature that I guessed from the first day [...] There are between us two too many points of contact in the spirit and in the constitution for us to miss each other. [...] Love him like a brother I would have in Paris. Trust him as you would trust me, and even more than me, because he is better than me. There is more heroism and more delicacy in him - the gentility of his manners only comes out of his heart. I am coarser, more common, more undulating. I have a more pungent smell. - You must not believe what he can tell you about me in literary terms. Loving me as he loves me, he is undoubtedly biased. First of all I am a bit his master. I drew him out of the mire of the soap opera where he would now be buried for the rest of his life [...] I inspired in him a love of serious studies. He has made great progress in the last two years. He has now a nice talent [...] it is especially the feeling and the taste which dominate in him. He moves, I know one thing about him that I cannot read without tears in his eyes; and with all these good qualities he is modest as a child"...
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