BAC Ferdinand (1859 - 1952)

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BAC Ferdinand (1859 - 1952)
Autograph manuscript, Notes for my book "Au temps des Crinolines" Indiscretions sur la Cour et la Ville..., 1928 - 1929; 2 in-4 (22 x 17 cm) cloth-backed notebooks of 120 pages each, slipcase with title. Set of manuscripts of memories. The first notebook (numbered II) started in Compiègne on August 25, 1928, bears the dedication "Offered to Mrs. Emile Ladan Bockairy by his gardener / F Bac" [Mr. and Mrs. LADAN-BOCKAIRY had a property in Compiègne and another in Menton, Les Colombières, whose gardens Ferdinand Bac laid out the gardens]. It includes various first draft manuscripts, with numerous erasures, corrections and additions, for articles of Comoedia (The Garden of Venizelos, A Souvenir on Verdi, The worries of an Emperor, The Garden of Villiers de l'Isle Adam, The old Latin Quarter, The old Montparnasse, A visit to Veronese, Massenet urbanist, The frock coat of Mr. Renan, The Art of Gardens), notes for the study on Gall and La Phrenologie, the continuation and the end of the appendix for La Ville de Porcelaine (on Dresden, pag. 31 to 102, finished on May 18, 1929, published by Hachette in 1934), and other articles L'esprit européen par la sélection des castes for Occident, Les Jardins sur le Toit, Le Sculpteur et le Jardinier, Réveillon avec Musset (Menton 8 December 1929), for Comoedia. The second notebook (I), also offered to Mrs. Ladan-Bockairy, was started on January 18 and finished on March 7, 1929 at Les Colombières in Menton and contains the "Notes for my book Au temps des Crinolines / Indiscretions on the Court and the City". Bac adds: "Notes and stories (to be grouped) of my father, Arsène Houssaye, Mérimée, Fleury, Rambeaux, Mad. Rambeaux, of Mad. Benedetti, etc". The manuscript is endowed with an index where the names of the numerous personalities of the 1850's sketched by Bac can be found, from Princess Mathilde to George Sand, from Musset to Dumas père, from Mérimée to the Emperor and the Empress, etc. These notes were used for the three volumes of Intimités du Second Empire (Hachette 1931 - 1932). Plus 3 flying ff. and 2 used blotters, A P.S. from Théophile BERLIER (June 27, 1815); a L.A.S. (1867) and a P.S. from General TROCHU (1870); a L.S. from Marshal VAILLANT (July 24, 1857, concerning the School of the wards of the Prince Imperial in Pont-à-Mousson).
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