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One off Important file of documented construction An accessible dream French historic registration title Chassis n° 48611 The Bugatti Atlantic became a design icon and was developed from the Aerolithe prototype. In terms of elegance, quality and performance, the Atlantic coupe was unique in its time and remains so today. Only four cars were produced between 1936 and 1938. Three of these extraordinary coupes are still in existence, each with a different body, each car being a unique model. The rear part of the bodywork slopes down to the ground and the most remarkable feature of the car is certainly the central rib of sheet metal that runs longitudinally from the top of the radiator at the front to the very tip of the stern. Like an animal’s dorsal crest. Hundreds of rivets hold the sheets in place. Jean Bugatti used Elektron, developed in 1908 by a German company, which was known for its lightness and strength, but also for the fact that it was difficult to work with and could not be welded at the time. For this reason, he had the body parts riveted. The Unic presented here is basically a 4 cylinder L11T chassis from 1931. The history of this car changes dramatically when in 2014 a lover of beautiful bodywork embarks on a quite remarkable achievement. The dream of the owner was to recreate, with his own means, the style of the mythical Bugatti 57 Atlantic, which is known to be one of the most beautiful cars in the world. The wooden frame is made from original plans, while the metal body is the work of a sheet metal worker. The subtle blend of the three Atlantic materials is remarkable, the design of the rear with its riveted central ridge is an original signature. In addition to being a work of art, this car is perfectly functional: the engine runs smoothly, the gearbox is easy to handle and the wiring is flawless. A photo file of the creation of this special Unic shows all the stages of its construction. This car is for the original enthusiast who wants to stand out at vintage events!
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