DELACROIX Eugène (1798-1863).

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DELACROIX Eugène (1798-1863).
L.A.S. "Eug. Delacroix", 19 June 1828, to Charles SOULIER, Autun; 3 pages in-8, address. Soulier's letter pleased him, but he lost it the very day of its reception: "I was still looking for it to answer you, renewing in my heart the emotion it had caused there. [...] Separations are abominable, damnable, miserable, and yet despite the heartbreak they cause, it is still better to see each other from time to time. If I can, as I hope, make a little stay with you, we will take a dose of it for a while. That depends, as I told you, on what the practices promise me for my winter. [I am a pig, I behave like a hundred pigs, and I resolve at every moment to make amends. - I saw a friend of mine who is in the business, in banking &c. and who told me that your boss was a real fool, who often risked getting lost. I felt sorry for you. The experience of horses would be a not very reassuring sample of his way of conceiving business. Besides, you will always be able to invest your capital more advantageously; with mine, for example; you are sure that they will never be taken by anyone. It takes some of these money devils, however, and I recognize from night to night that I am less suitable for recruiting them. But as long as one hour or two out of twenty-four manages to forget one's worries, as now verbi grazia that I am writing to you, one should not yet complain. The beauty [Eugenie DALTON, then his mistress] is sensitive to your good memory: she embraces you and loved you already. But it is for me that you have left a great emptiness"... Correspondance générale (t. I, p. 218). A L.A.S. "Eug. Delacroix", "Rue de Choiseul n° 15" 19 April [1828, to viscount Sosthène de LA ROCHEFOUCAULD] (1 p. in-4), to "solicit an appointment"...
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