DALI Salvador (1904-1989).

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DALI Salvador (1904-1989).
Autograph MANUSCRITE with DRAWINGS, [ca. 1961?]; 2 pages large in-fol. of a sheet of strong Kozo mulberry paper (60,5 x 46 cm) folded in four, in black pencil and charcoal. Amazing sheet of notes and sketches, with a long delirious text about Perpignan railway station, Russia and painting. On a quarter of a page, Dali drew in charcoal 13 lines of curious ideograms, some of them close to his own signature. On the lower half of the page, Dali writes in pencil this text: "Produced one of the biggest and most unproblematic historical mutations of the beings that is to say of the austronauts that are the motans that arise at the precise moment where the templets of the inverted positivism of the Beresina is mixed to the blood of the bosom of the Rusi trotting the only positive way of going towards the sky that this push them has to go until the moon that what is preparing at the moments where writes these lines, while in the vicinity of the station of Perpignan Mr. Pages, who is from Perpignan, claims to have found the antigravity that will allow him to lift the station and that already in Peiba [?thanks to the flies of the Bules Dali realizes the first window of pictorial levitation which interests us that of the third dimension in painting that this to say, to make converge all that exists towards the first paranoiac eye of the world that of Dali"... Etc. The text continues on the back: "At the moment the Zar looks through the microscope of Languedoc I laughed yellow believing to see the dragon that goes to eat all the monarchies that this what ariva to Lumiere believing that the photo goes to eat the painting, because in reality it goes to save it"... Etc. The lower half of the sheet is occupied by various pencil notes (including Catherine Deneuve's name and phone number), and 3 black pencil drawings: silhouette of a bent man (Atlas ?), two lying figures, and a man holding a spear under a vault. A photograph signed "Dali" (24 x 30 cm, photo Roger-Viollet) is attached.
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