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Very rare and authentic CGSS Interesting restoration base Attractive estimate Without registration title Founded in 1920 in Saint-Denis, the firm Amilcar (anagram of the names of its founders: Joseph Lamy and Emile Akar) specialized in the manufacture of cyclecars: small vehicles, with three or four wheels, two seats maximum, whose engine does not exceed 1,100 cm3, and a total weight of 350 kg. At the time, this type of car was taxed less than a larger car, which remained a luxury item. The first Amilcar was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1921. It is the type CC which quickly becomes a commercial success and allows Amilcar to launch other models. In 1922, a sportier version with a short chassis appeared, called CS, powered by a 4-cylinder 1,004 cc engine. Then, in 1923, the CGS (Grand Sport), with a 1,075 cc engine and four-wheel braking. But the sportiest and most exclusive of the Amilcars produced was the CGSS (Châssis Grand Sport Surbaissé) presented in 1926. The CGSS differed from the CGS by its shorter wheelbase, its more powerful 1,075 cc (60X95) engine, which allowed it to reach speeds of up to 120 km/h, and above all its more streamlined, lower, more harmonious and sportier bodywork. So many characteristics that made the CGSS a particularly popular car among gentlemen drivers, many of whom entered it in local races. The example we present is an interesting Amilcar CGSS chassis. It entered the collection of its current owner about 40 years ago and is now an interesting restoration base. This chassis comes with its aerodynamic «Eldridge» grille and its hood, so we can assume that the original body was made in the Duval workshops. Also present are the motorcycle-like front fenders, the radiator, the fuel tank, the dashboard and the windshield. As the rear leaf springs are missing, the axle was moved forward and bolted to the chassis to facilitate its movement. Built in only 984 examples between 1927 and 1929, a CGSS is extremely rare and sought after. Our attractively priced chassis is therefore a great opportunity to complete a project or to start a rebuild.
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