PONGE FRANCIS (1899-1988)

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PONGE FRANCIS (1899-1988)
Le Verre d'eau, manuscript and typescript [1949]. Very ingenious triple slipcase with system signed by Renaud
Vernier and dated 1984. Each of the three parts of the manuscript is placed in a midnight blue box compartment lined with grey-blue nubuck with sliding Plexiglas windows that allow the documents to be seen. These three compartments are assembled to form a single full box with an arched spine.
The title, mosaicked in ivory box on each of the parts, can be read in its entirety when they are joined. These three compartments are themselves inserted in a second hinged box of night-blue box with white spots. The arched spine bears the mosaic title in ivory box and opens like a double door to reveal the first box.
Signed autograph manuscript of 78 pages organized in two distinct parts.
1st part: Autograph manuscript in sheets. 40 pages in-4: 39 pages autographed in black ink and 1 p. typed and handwritten, on the fronts of 39 leaves, bound in a half sheet forming a folder and bearing the autograph mention "Le Verre d'eau original manuscript 1st part", the whole after a sheet of strong salmon paper cover bearing the autograph mention "Le verre d'eau" and "Pour la Galerie
Louise Leiris avec des lithos en couleur d'Eugène de Kermadec -Juin - St
Léger en Yvelines 1948". About a hundred corrections by strikethroughs and 35 additions by the author's hand.
2nd part: Autograph manuscript on a schoolboy notebook. 38 pages in-4 on 33 sheets of squared paper of a spiral-bound schoolbook.
Autograph signature "F. Ponge" on the sheet numbered "14". About fifteen words or groups of words crossed out and corrected and 15 additions in the author's hand.
3rd part (proofs and letters): Typescript by the author with autograph corrections. 60 in-4 typewritten pages bound with metal staples preceded by 1 in-4 page with the autograph notation "(here the glass of water)" in blue ink. Sheet numbered "60" is detached; 2 typewritten pages entirely crossed out and not stapled; 40 words crossed out and corrected, 20 additions and 20 deletions, as well as numerous indications to the typographer in the author's hand in blue and fuchsia ink. 1 page in-4 autograph "note for the composition in placards" in blue and fuchsia ink torn in height. The whole in a folded sheet forming a folder bearing the autograph note in blue ink "Le Verre d'eau 3e épreuve (en bon à tirer) le 25 x [décem]bre - 49".
Attached to the third part: - 1 typed letter from the publisher Daniel-
Henri Kahnweiler to Francis Ponge, 2 pages in-4 on letterhead of the Louise Leiris gallery. Dated [Paris] 19-7-49 - 1 typed letter from René Micha to Francis Ponge 1 page dated Brussels 24 July 1958.
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