LISZT Franz (1811-1886)

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LISZT Franz (1811-1886)

L.A.S. "F. Liszt", [May 1834], to Félicité de LAMENNAIS; 3 pages in-8.
Beautiful exalted letter on Paroles d'un croyant.
"Dear Father, Although it is almost impudence, and at least a ridiculous thing to pay you admiring compliments, I do not resist the need to tell you a little, (always very poorly, very weakly, it is true) how much your last pages have transported me, overwhelmed, torn with pain and hope!... My God, how sublime all this is!... sublime, prophetic, divine!... What genius! What charity!... From this day on, it is obvious, not only for a few choice friends, who love you and have followed you for a long time, but for the whole world, it is obvious, from the last evidence that Christianity in the 19th century, that is to say the whole religious and political future of Humanity is in you..... Your vocation is indeed dreadfully glorious" . He begs him, whatever the anxieties and terrors of his heart may be, not to fail.
In this "populous desert, where boredom and affliction consume [him]", the memory of Lamennais returns to his heart like a fortifying balm, like a powerful consolation. Does he know that he loves him from the depths of his heart, and that the desire to devote himself to him agitates and torments him?
"It's very young and very crazy to me, I feel it, but as I've been told, sometimes I have to forgive myself too much"... He will ask his forgiveness at La Chesnaie where he will arrive, with Sainte-Beuve and Joseph d'Ortigue, towards the end of July...
And he ends: "Farewell, dear father. May the peace and blessing of Christ abound in you."
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