BAKST LÉON (1866-1924)

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BAKST LÉON (1866-1924)
L.A.S. "Leon Bakst", May 28, 1924, to a friend [Gabriel ASTRUC?] ; 1 page in-4 in blue ink (small trace of rust). On his set for the ballet Istar. [The ballet Istar commissioned by the dancer Ida RUBINSTEIN, with music by Vincent d'INDY, was premiered at the Opera on July 20, 1924].... "What Allegri has done is only two thirds of the set - terribly difficult, and with difficulties, which made me tell Madame Rubinstein that this is the most difficult staging of my artistic life! I need space to lay out the whole set on the floor and work on it with Allegri - only "de visu", especially for the corrections, which I always do. There are a lot of parts of the set that have not yet been painted and they depend on the whole [...] I couldn't present to the public a work of mine that I haven't seen or corrected - I can't accept that"... He is attached to his curtain, which "is the beginning and the end of this work, which I imagined to be "cabalistic and astrological"", a trend that will be present in everything from the costumes to the floor, and he stresses the indispensable importance of the curtain.
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