VU CAO DAM (1908-2000)

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VU CAO DAM (1908-2000)

Nu, 1941
Encre et couleurs sur soie, signée et datée en bas à gauche, titrée au dos 58.5 x 44.5 cm -23 1/4 x 17 1/2 in.

Une attestation d'inclusion au catalogue raisonné de l'artiste actuellement en préparation par Charlotte Reynier-Aguttes sera remise à l'acquéreur

Algérie, Galerie d'art Pasteur, Alger-Oran Vente Blâche, Versailles
Collection privée, Caen

Vers 1942, Algérie, Alger-Oran, Galerie d'Art Pasteur, Exposition Maï Thu, Le Pho, Vu Cao Dam, Peintures Indochinoises, n°90

Silk painting is one of the techniques reg­ularly used by Vu Cao Dam. The subject is unusual for the artist. Indeed, Vu Cao Dam reveals here a very beautiful moment of intimacy, imbued with delicacy and softness. A young woman is resting, she is naked but her position allows her to preserve a certain modesty. This work testifies us, once again, of the artist's dexterity. The refinement of the line as well as the delicate and vaporous col­ours undeniably gives his painting a poetic dimension. This poetry, combined with the delicacy of the line, marks the success of Vu Cao Dam to make a synthesis between Asian and European pictorial traditions.

Born in 1908 in Hanoi, Vu Cao Dam came from a large, Catholic and well-off. He was immersed in French culture from his child­hood. His father, Vu Dinh Thi (1864-1930), a great scholar, who not only mastered the French language but was also a proven Francophile. Indeed, sent to Paris by the Vietnamese government for the occasion of the 1889 World's Fair, he was won over by the French lifestyle.
It is therefore not surprising that Vu Cao Dam joined the Hanoi School of Fine Arts in 1926. There, he studied drawing, painting and sculpture under the authority of Victor Tardieu, founder of the School, and Joseph Inguimberty. He graduated in 1931 and obtained a scholarship that allowed him to continue his training in France.
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