EINSTEIN Albert (1879-1955)

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EINSTEIN Albert (1879-1955)

L.S. "A. Einstein", Berlin 19 November 1929, to Heinrich YORK-STEINER; 1 page and a half typed, at its letterhead (small freckles); in German.
A major letter in which Einstein expresses his position on Zionism.
[Heinrich YORK-STEINER (1859-1934), Austrian politician and writer, was one of the pioneers of Zionism.]
Einstein expresses his deepest admiration for York-Steiner's wonderful book[Die
Kunst als Jude zu leben, 1928], which he read entirely.
He fully agrees with his comments, and finds it rewarding that the book has attracted so much interest. Einstein wrote various things about recent conflicts with Arabs ("der jüngsten Konflikte mit den Arabern"), and does not know exactly what York-Steiner is referring to, but he can print whatever he finds appropriate.
Einstein only became acquainted with the concept of Zionism in 1914, at the age of 35, after moving to Berlin; until then he had lived in a totally neutral environment.
But since then, it has become clear to him that in order to maintain, or better still resume a valid existence, they, the Jews, have an urgent need to revive their sense of community. He sees Zionism as a simple attempt to bring them closer to their goal.
However, it must be ensured that this movement does not risk degenerating into blind nationalism. In his opinion, first and foremost, resentment towards Arabs must be replaced by a psychological understanding and a willingness to cooperate with them.
Overcoming this difficulty will be the touchstone on which their community's right to exist will depend, in the highest sense.
Unfortunately, Einstein must acknowledge that the attitude in official circles and the majority of statements leave much to be desired in this regard.... "Zum Zionismus kam ich erst nach meiner Uebersiedlung nach Berlin im Jahre 1914 mit 35 Jahren, nachdem ich vorher in einer gänzlich neutralen Umgebung gelebt hatte. Seit jener Zeit war es mir klar, dass wir Juden zur Erhalt
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