NEWTON ISAAC (1642-1727).

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NEWTON ISAAC (1642-1727).
Autograph MANUSCRIPT, Sententiæ notabiles expositæ, [end of the 1670s or 1680s] ; 8 pages small in-4 format of which 4 are written (204 x 154 mm) one folded leaf (watermark : cor de postillon HG / MC), the four last leaves blank and uncut ; in Latin
Interesting compilation of alchemical notes
It was the sale of Newton’s archives in 1936 that revealed the extent of his interest in alchemy, hermitism and unorthodox theology
Sources and quotes are indicated with great precision and denote an attentive reader. Many are taken from the Septimana philosophica by Michael MAIER (Francfurt, 1620), of which we know that Newton owned a copy [John Harrison, The Library of Isaac Newton, 1046]. The Symbola aureæa mensæ duodecim nationum by the same Maier (Francfurt, 1617) are also a source [Harrison 1048 ; National Library of Israel, Jerusalem, coll. S.M. Edelstein], as well as the Hieroglyphica ægyptio-græca (London, [circa 1614 ?]). Michael MAIER (1568 ?-1622) was a German doctor and alchemist, who traveled to the court of Rudolph II in Prague and who became his personal physician and advisor. Upon the death of Rudolph II in 1612, Maier made his way to England where he published a number of alchemical works and hermetic philosophy.
The present Sententiae were composed with great care, and he corrected his work himself (note a few erasures). The first quote is taken from the Turba philosophorum (likely from the text published in Artis auriferæ, Basel 1610 [Harrison 90; Trinity College, Cambridge], with an additional reference to the Liber lilium tanquam de spinis evulsum by G. Tecenensis, as found in tomus IV of the celebrated Theatrum chemicum (published 1659-1661)
« Æs [corpus mortuum] non lingit nisi [spiritu tenui abstracto] lingatur [per extractionem animæ et imbibitionem septenam] sed si lingitur lingit. Turba. p. 14, 25. Lilium de spinis p. 902, 903.
Sulphura sulphuribus continentur, [i.e. condensa humidis, seu corpora spiritibus s
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