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France, Neuilly-sur-Seine, March 14, 2022 - White glove sale for the 32nd "Asian Painters - Major Works" auction! On March 14, 2022, this auction totaled 5.1 million euros at Aguttes, the historic leader in the market for artists who came from Asia in the early 20th century. Vũ Cao Đàm set a triple world record with three of his bronze sculptures.


"This sale totaled more than €5 million and we sold all the lots, each with a very good performance in the end. Eighteen of the 45 lots in the catalog sold for more than €100,000, and seven for more than €200,000.
We are also pleased with the fine bids for artists who, just a few years ago, did not attract the interest of collectors. An artist like Lê Thị Lựu illustrates this perfectly with two high-flying auctions that saw estimates multiply by 10."
Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier, Asian painters expert

TOP 5 results  
1 - Mai Trung Thứ (1906-1980) – L’école, 1953 - 462 960 € (lot 10)
2 - Lê Thị Lựu (1911-1988) – Enfants au jardin, 1986 - 411 920 € (lot 32). Second world record.
3 - Lê Thi Lựu (1911-1988) – Mère allaitant dans un intérieur, Paris, 1962 - 405 540 € (lot 33). Third world record.
4 - Trần Tần Lộc (1906-1968) - Jeune élégante se coiffant, 1932 – 335 360 € (lot 13 bis). Discovery of an artist and world record.
5 - Lê Phổ (1907-2001) – La blanchisseuse – 233 280 € (lot 36)

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Skyrocketing auctions and world records 
While Mai Trung Thứ (1906-1980) landed €462,960 with L'école, 1953 (lot 10), two silks by Lê Thị Lựu (1911-1988) saw their low estimates multiplied by ten: Enfants au jardin (lot 32) marked €411,920, and Mère allaitant dans un intérieur, Paris (lot 33) took €405,540. These two works broke Lê Thị Lựu's second and third world records respectively.


Mai Trung Thứ (1906-1980)
L'école, 1953
Ink and colors on silk, signed and dated lower left
45.5 x 54 cm - 17 7/8 x 21 1/4 in.
In the original frame made by the artist

Result : 462 960 €


Invention of artist Trần Tần Lộc (1906-1968) 
The Aguttes auction house has, once again, made a new advance in the knowledge of early 20th century painting with the discovery of a very fine quality ink and colors on silk entitled Jeune élégante se coiffant. Its finesse of execution attests to the talent of its author, who for some unknown reason did not pursue his activity in painting. Research conducted in conjunction with Vietnamese historians around the presentation for the sale of this rare painting dated 1932 now makes it possible to officially restore to Trần Tấn Lộc the authorship of many works that the international art market had previously attributed to Trần Bình Lộc (1914-1941). Born in 1906, Trần Tấn Lộc worked in the 1950s as an illustrator at Fine arts Cooperative in Hanoi. A presumed portrait of his younger brother's wife, Jeune élégante se coiffant is the only work known to date, done by the artist in ink and color on silk, a particular technique taught at the Indochina School of Fine Arts around 1930. Brought to France by a Vietnamese collector in the 1950s, the work has remained there ever since. Unique and masterful, the work reached €335,360 after a long bidding battle and thus becomes the world record of the artist.

Trần Tần Lộc (1906-1968)
Jeune élégante se coiffant, 1932
Ink and colors on silk, signed and dated lower left, titled and signed upper right.
The work is in its original frame. A label on the back "Au régal des yeux. Workshop of decorators. 6 Bd Gia - Long. Hanoi"
76 x 53 cm - 29 7/8 x 20 7/8 in.

Result : 335 360 euros, 1st world record for the artist 


Collections sales are highly successful 
The collection of Mrs. K, a lifelong friend of artists who trained at the Indochina School of Fine Arts and live in France, such as Lê Phổ, Vũ Cao Đàm or Lê Thị Lựu, flies to 951 360€.
The sale of the collection of Dr. V, totaled 424,380€, and that of Mr. and Mrs. D, whose father was a close friend of Vũ Cao Đàm, reached for these four remarkable sculptures an amount of 318,500€.

 Lê Phổ (1907-2001)
Jeune fille aux fleurs de pêcher 
Oil, ink and gouache on silk, signed lower right
71 x 44.5 cm
- 27 7/8 x 17 1/2 in. 

Result : 149 050 euros

Another highlight of the auction was the sale of the private collection of a descendant of Emperor Minh Mạng of the Nguyễn Phuoc dynasty, totaling €744,345. A diplomat and now international businessman, Dr. D. began his collection in the 2000s. Long before the art market craze, he focused on pivotal works from the early years of these painters in the West. Among the works in this collection was an iconic work: Jeunes filles aux fleurs de pêchers by Lê Phổ (lot 15), which flew to €149,050

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Aguttes, first auction house in Europe on the market of 20th century Asian painters
The Painters of Asia department, headed by expert Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier, has been working for the past ten years to bring to light the little-known Asian artists of the 20th century. Her efforts have enabled the auction house to become the leading European auction house for Asian painters, regularly setting new world records to the satisfaction of both sellers and international buyers.



Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier, expert, and Claude Aguttes, auctioneer 
March 14, 2022 auction sale

Among the signatures that collectors are looking for and that Aguttes defends with passion, let's mention among others Lê Phổ, Nam Son, Alix Aymé, Lê Thy, Vũ Cao Đàm, Mai Trung Thứ, Inguimberty, Nguyen Phan Chánh, Nguyễn Tiến Chung, Trần Phúc Duyên, Lê Thị Lựu, Raden Saleh... And also Sanyu, Lin Fengmian, Pan Yuliang... but also all the artists coming from the schools of Fine Arts of these regions of Asia. Sales are organized on a quarterly basis on carefully chosen dates, in line with the market news on the most important international markets.

The department has already announced a total of more than 6.2 million euros from its private sales in 2022 and is now preparing for the sale on June 1, 2022.

Upcoming auction 

June 1st, 2022
Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier : - +33 (0)1 41 92 06 49
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