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In Fine éditions d'art is publishing L'art moderne en Indochine, a book conceived and written by expert Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier. This publication, the first to offer an overview of the role played by the Indochina School of Fine Arts in artistic creation, will be a landmark. It appears on the eve of the centenary of this institution, a veritable link between East and West.

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Spotlight on the history of modern art in Indochina - 10 years of expertise shared in a publication

"The emergence and consolidation of a market also means documenting it. In parallel with her 39th sale of Asian Painters, Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier is working on [this] book...".

- Clémentine Pomeau-Peyre, « Émergences d’Asie », Challenges, 31 août 2023, N° 795

"L'Art moderne en Indochine by Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier is a precious work that highlights the creations and contributions of teachers and students at the École des Beaux-Arts de l'Indochine to the development of modern art in Vietnam."

- La Voix du Vietnam / The Voice of Vietnam (VOV World)

As we prepare to celebrate the centenary of the École des Beaux-Arts de l'Indochine, Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier highlights, in 432 pages, the contributions of this institution to international art history, and shares the fruit of her ten years of research and expertise on the genesis of modern Vietnamese art. The expert in modern Asian art brings together in a single publication the key players in this institution, recounts the high points between 1925 and 1945, and describes the exhibitions organised in Hanoi, Saigon and Paris and their critical reception. The book is illustrated with 250 illustrations, as well as 28 biographies of students and teachers and numerous archive documents. The author also opens the doors of numerous private collections and museum reserves...

This trilingual book lifts the veil that was cast over seventy years ago on a whole section of international art history. From Inguimberty to Alix Aymé, from Nguyễn Phan Chánh to Vũ Cao Đàm, via Mai Trung Thứ and Lê Phổ, teachers or students, they drew, painted, sculpted, worked with lacquer, exhibited... Directed by Victor Tardieu and then Évariste Jonchère, the school experienced a period of rich artistic emulation between 1925 and 1945, and was at the origin of the revival of modern Vietnamese art. Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier sets out to explain the decisive stages that led to the emergence of the artistic elite envisioned by Tardieu, and sheds light on the many grey areas that until now have masked the richness and artistic importance of this period in Indochina.

Meetings in Paris, Hanoi and Saigon

« Cet ouvrage, que j’ai souhaité volontairement trilingue, a été réfléchi et conçu pour participer à une meilleure diffusion des moments forts partagés entre les artistes de l’École des beaux-arts de l’Indochine entre 1925 et 1945, qu’ils soient professeurs ou élèves. Abondamment documenté, il se fonde sur des archives factuelles et je suis ravie de les rendre ici accessibles à un public curieux de redécouvrir cette histoire qui unit la France et le Vietnam. Je suis honorée de constater l’accueil très favorable de mon ouvrage au sein des amateurs d’art et d’histoire au Vietnam. Il témoigne d’une grande reconnaissance de leur part pour l’accès qui leur est ainsi enfin facilité aux archives historiques sur cette école.»

- Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier, auteur de L’Art moderne en Indochine, In Fine éditions d’art, 2023


In front of a gathering of curators and art lovers, Guy Boyer, Editorial Director of Connaissance des Arts, brilliantly moderated a discussion between the author, Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier, Alain Le Kim, son of the artist Le Phổ, and Pascal Lacombe, President of the Association des Amis d'Alix Aymé, on Monday 5 December 2023, at Aguttes (Neuilly-sur-Seine).

Video of the book launch conference, L'Art Moderne en Indochine, in Paris on 5 December 2023



Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier, President of the Association des Artistes d'Asie à Paris, and Bùi Hoàng Anh, Director of Viet Art View, supported by the French Institute of Vietnam, In Fine Editions d'art and the University of Fine Arts of Vietnam, organised two meetings in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on 11 and 16 January 2024, to mark the official launch of the book in Vietnam.

In Hanoi, the Museum of the Fine Arts University of Vietnam brought together nearly 100 people on 11 January 2024 for the launch in Vietnam of L'Art Moderne en Indochine. Many of the families of the artists featured in the book, as well as representatives from the Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam, the University of Fine Arts, the French Institute of Hanoi, major collectors and students from the university attended the event. Bùi Hoàng Anh, director of Viet Art View and an art historian in charge of proofreading the book in Vietnamese, led a high-quality discussion in French and Vietnamese to promote the event. Assisted by Đỗ Thị Minh Nguyệt, in charge of the book office and the debate on ideas at the French Institute in Hanoi, she interviewed in turn Ngô Kim Khôi, grandson of the artist Nam Sơn, Lê Huy Văn, son of the artist Lê Quốc Lộc, and the author of this publication, Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier.

Launch of the book, Modern Art in Indochina, in Hanoi on 11 January 2024

« Le livre propose une étude approfondie couvrant de manière exhaustive l’histoire de l’École des beaux-arts de l’Indochine de 1925 à 1945, abordant la genèse de l’école, son développement, ses activités, ses enseignants éminents, ses étudiants ainsi que les œuvres artistiques créées durant cette période. »

- Văn Hóa Nghệ Thuật (Art and Culture magazine)


On 16 January 2024 in Saigon, Pierre Grosser, agrégé d'histoire on secondment to Sciences Po, Trần Thanh Bình, director of the Hô Chi Minh-Ville Fine Arts Museum, some members of the Quang San Art Museum family, including Nguyễn Thiều Kiêt, Emmanuelle Charrier in charge of the French Institute in Hô Chi Minh-Ville, Ngô Kim Khôi, grandson of the artist Nam Son, as well as several collectors and art enthusiasts were able to listen to the discussions between Bùi Hoàng Anh and Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier about the book and then ask their questions.

Launch of the book, L'Art Moderne en Indochine, in Saigon on 16 January 2024

"L'Art moderne en Indochine offers a comprehensive overview of the history of the École des beaux-arts d'Indochine from 1925 to 1945" "Through her research, Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier pays genuine tribute to each artist, shedding light on many little-known aspects of their wealth and importance during the period 1925-1945 in Indochina"

- Le Courrier du Vietnam


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