A unique physical and virtual NFT* art fair that will end with an auction in partnership with Aguttes auction House and, for the first time in history, also accessible in the Metaverse.

From February 5th to 8th 2022 the Unvirtual event, an association of the NFT platform ArtAtak, Aguttes Auction House and Galerie Charlot, will take place in Paris. It is in partnership with, and Samsung that this association will propose the very first fair and auction, physically on the Ile Saint Louis and in the Metaverse, of NFT works.. Participants will have the opportunity to discover and purchase NFT works by some 20 artists, attend lectures and workshops, and participate in the auction that will close the event. Three categories of NFT works will be proposed: digital art (videos, generative, photos), digital fashion and design, and digital sound art.

Unvirtual Paris, the first fair dedicated to NFT: a physical and virtual event

The Unvirtual Paris event will bring together a unique selection of NFT works in the former premises of the Cours Florent, the prestigious French Actors Studio. The exhibition, as well as the sale, will welcome visitors from all over the world via a simple internet connection. Indeed, a 1000m2 Metaverse Space, an exact replica of the physical space, will be hosted on the platform. Accessible from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, it will also be possible to participate using a virtual reality headset for a total immersion.

The e-visitors will have the possibility to discover, to buy NFT, to attend various events. They will also be able to interact with other e-visitors, the curators and the artists themselves. A meta-mediator will also be available for group visits of the Metaverse, by appointment.

A double event dedicated to NFT: art fair and auction

A selection of works from the Unvirtual collection will be offered at an auction on February 8, 2022 under the hammer of Aguttes, which, after the sale of the very first SMS as an NFT in December 2021, is continuing its development in this specialty.

Internationally renowned and emerging artists, crypto-artists or classical plasticians, explore the field of their aesthetic, environmental and social concerns through this medium with infinite means. Estimates ranging from 1100€ (about 0.4ETH) to 100 000€ (about 36ETH).

Avec des estimations comprises entre 1 100 € (0.4ETH environ) et 100 000 € (36ETH environ), les œuvres NFT sont figuratives, abstraites, surréalistes, contestataires, musicales, et poétiques.

Among the featured artists : Jonathan Plesel et Thibault Zeller, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Andy Picci, Hélène Nepomiatzi

A selection of NFT works by Hokusaï will also be auctioned on the second market by Aguttes Auction House.

During and after the in situ fair, other works by emerging and established artists will also be available for sale on the NFT ArtAtack platform, Unvirtual Collection.

The NFT of the first cathedral on Mars for charity

The first lot of this project features a single copy of the 3D visual of the Martian cathedral. This is an artwork designed and created by the artist and then produced by the ArtAtak NFT Marketplace company. It consists of the 3D of a cathedral of 1000m2 (located at the estuary of the Neretva Valley on a side of the crater Jezero) with its plans and sections and its foundation stone. This stone would thus embody the first stone "on which I will build my church" - Matthew 16:18. This NFT will also be accompanied by an assistance contract for the realization of the cathedral in the Spatial Metaverse.

This utopian art project embodies the universality of spirituality. Jerusalem, from where the evangelization of our planet began two thousand years ago, must now be considered as the nucleus of a new expansion on the scale of the solar system. After the first step on the moon, the planet Mars represents indeed the next conquest of humanity.

The other lots are a series of sacred objects presenting the watercolor study plates formalizing the actual choices developed and chosen for the liturgical elements of the layout of the Latin chapel of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Proceeds from the sale of these works will be donated to the restoration of the Latin Chapel in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem by the Custody of the Holy Land, the Franciscan organization that administers all the holy places in the Holy Land.

Conferences and workshops

To extend the exchanges, participants in Unvirtual Paris will be able to attend conferences (in situ and in the Metaverse) with eminent connoisseurs of the NFT/Metaverse movement such as Sylvain Levy (DSL Collection), Masha Maskina (art advisor and curator), Dominique Moulon (independent curator and art critic) and Pau Waelder (independent curator and art critic, researcher in contemporary art and new media), as well as certain NFT artists. They will enlighten the visitors on this emerging movement.

Auction on February 8, 2022 at 3 pm

Public exhibition
35 Quai d'Anjou • 75004 Paris

From February 5 to 8, 2022
Free access with registration
Public viewing: 1:30 pm - 7:30 pm; By appointment: 11am-1pm

Maximilien Aguttes