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The Autumn Sale

The Anna-Lisa Collection

The end of the year holidays is getting closer and closer, and the eternal questioning about the list we will send to Santa Claus is starting to emerge. This year, don't panic: Aguttes on Wheels will take care of it for you! On December the 12th 2021 in Paris, and on the occasion of our Autumn sale, the auction house Aguttes is proud to present 34 cars from a mysterious collection, as magical as it is eclectic: the Anna-Lisa collection. Between sublime Italian-bodied works of art, to powerful German GTs or comfortable English limousines, a vast selection of cars will pass under Claude Aguttes’ hammer. Ranging from 1914 to 1990, including many European brands and cars, some of which are eligible for the Mille Miglia or the Tour Auto, the automobiles selected for the Autumn Sale will seduce more than one enthusiast for sure! We have taken care of the list, so it's up to you to stay on top of things until December 12... And if you wish to part with one of your toys, there is still time to contact us.


The 75 years of the ASA-ACF

If you were strolling between the Champs Élysées and the Jardin des Tuileries last Friday evening, on October the 15th, you must have seen some sumptuous cars, proudly parked in front of the Automobile Club de France. Gathered on the occasion of a dinner celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Association Sportive Automobile, whose goal is the development and diffusion of motor sports, the selection of cars place de la Concorde delighted all those enjoying the sunset. Among the cars, we noted the presence of Ferraris, Bugattis, vintage race cars... and, above all, the 205 Turbo 16 sold by Aguttes on March 21 (world record at auction for this model). What a pleasure to see our customers enjoying their cars, and what a pride to see it exhibited this way!


Come to meet us!

On November 5, 6 and 7 - in just two weeks! – takes place the last big classic car show of the year, Époq'Auto in Lyon, France. Aguttes on Wheels and its specialists will of course be there. After a strange year, where opportunities to see you were too few, come and meet Gautier Rossignol and his team, Hugo Baldy, Paul-Émile Coignet, Clothilde Duval, Raphaël de Serres and Augustin Delalande around a coffee and four legendary cars... that we will reveal to you very soon. To inquire about the auction process, to talk about your cars or simply to get to know each other, we will be delighted to welcome you on our stand. See you soon!

Aguttes Online


The passion for cars can be lived in thousands of different ways. You don't need a huge garage to enjoy beautiful cars! From October 27 to November 4, the collection of an enthusiast of scale models will be offered for auction on Aguttes Online. From 1/8th to 1/43rd scales, from luxurious American sedans to sumptuous Italians, including numerous endurance and rally-raid cars, this is an exceptional collection in more ways than one that will be dispersed. The vast majority of these miniatures are presented in their original boxes and in near-new condition. The sale of more than a 150 lots is a unique opportunity to add to your dream garage the car that has always thrilled you!


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