1995 - ZX RALLYE RAID EVO 5 #C21-521

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1995 - ZX RALLYE RAID EVO 5 #C21-521
French registration title Must have pour prendre le départ du Dakar Classic Victoires aux Pharaons, au Portugal, et à l’Atlas avec Lartigue ; 2e place au Dakar 1994 avec Auriol Authentic competition prototype developed by the factory The most accomplished ZX Rallye Raid One of the 29 ZX Rallye Raid built, one of the 5 Evo 5 Must have to take the start of the Dakar Classic Victories in the Pharaons, Portugal and Atlas with Lartigue; 2nd place in the 1994 Dakar with Auriol At the very beginning of the 1980s, the governing bodies of motorsport gave birth to the most demonic of rally cars, by creating Group B. The cars in this new classification, which was very free in terms of power, transmission and weight, simply had to be built in 200 units, with around 20 of them, upgraded and called Evolution, being able to compete in the World Rally Championship. This category particularly marked the discipline and spirits, since the vehicles reached power records (more than 500 bhp, a crazy figure for the time), but also for its fatal accidents, which caused its ban in May 1986, with effect from 1 January 1987. Audi Quattro, Renault 5 Turbo, Lancia Delta and 037, Ford RS200, Metro 6R4 and Peugeot 205 T16 found a second life in the European Rallycross Championship. Peugeot is the only manufacturer looking for a second playground for its 205 T16s. The company with the Lion, led by Jean Todt, decided to turn to rally-raid, which was very fashionable at the time, and more specifically to the ParisDakar legend. Thus, in 1987, the 205 T16 Grand Raid, adapted to the difficult conditions of African tracks and deserts, won the Dakar and the Pharaohs Rally “easily” in the hands of Ari Vatanen, while Juha Kankkunen did the same in 1988. For 1989, Peugeot developed the 205 to promote the 405: the 405 Turbo 16 Grand Raid was born and won the 1989 and 1990 editions with a driver at the top of his game and glory, Ari Vatanen. The Citroën ZX Rallye Raid first appeared in 1990 at the Baja Aragon in Spain, and followed on from the Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 when Peugeot decided to leave rally-raid events and enter the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A seasoned rally driver, Guy Frequelin formed Citroën Sport. He takes over Ari Vatanen and recruits Pierre Lartigue and dresses the chassis of the Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 in the ZX that Citroën is about to present. A test run, a master stroke: this new ZX Rallye Raid from the now defunct Gr. B was to win the Baja Aragon, the ParisDakar and the Pharaohs... The legend was born and so were Citroën’s rally-raid successes: from 1993 onwards, the brand was to take the lead in the Rallye Raid World Cup and never relinquish it again until 1997, with the indestructible ZX, first yellow (Camel), then red (in accordance with the Evin law). The ultimate evolution of the Peugeot 205/405 T16, the ZX Rallye Raid is a concentrate of the best technologies of the 1990s. Very high ground clearance, suspension with incredible travel, four-wheel drive, turbocharged 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine with 330 bhp in the transverse and central-rear positions, transverse gearbox with self-locking differentials front and rear, ventilated dual-circuit disc brakes with splitter in the passenger compartment, carbon/ kevlar bodywork: the car built by Peugeot and developed by Citroën gave its rivals little chance... The official factory records show 29 ZX Rallye Raid chassis built, all models combined. The 1990 model has indeed evolved with wider tracks during the 1992 season (Evo 2), benefiting from other improvements until the ultimate Evo 5 of 1995 (4 spare wheels on board, further optimised suspensions). Some chassis had several lives. This is the case of the one that illustrates these pages. Our ZX Rallye Raid was born #C21 in 1993. It was then an Evo 2 which was to be entered in the world cup in 5 races: - 1993 Atlas Rally, Pierre Lartigue-Michel Perrin, 4th - Baja Portugal 1993, Pierre Lartigue-Michel Perrin, victory - Pharaons Rally 1993, Pierre Lartigue-Michel Perrin, victory - Paris Dakar 1994, Hubert Auriol-Gilles Picard, 2nd At the beginning of 1994, #C21 was upgraded to Evo 3 and became #C321. It was only entered in this configuration for one race: - 1994 Atlas Rally, Pierre Lartigue-Michel Perin, victory Finally, #C21 was “recycled” again in 1995 to become #C531, the development car for the latest ZX Rally Raid, the Evo 5. At that time, Ari Vatanen, Pierre Lartigue, Philippe Wambergue and Salvador Servia took turns at the wheel with André Bourdon, the in-house test driver. The four Evo 5s that were built afterwards won all the races in which they participated. An almost wearying hegemony that pushes the governing bodies to change the regulations to discreetly banish these super Gr. B... It’s the end of a long career for the Peugeot 205 T16 - 405 T16 - ZX Rally Raid, call it what you will! #C21/#C531 has had three lives. It’s certainly one of the ZX Rallye Raid cars with the longest track record and the least worn Evo 5! The Stellantis Group and the auction house Aguttes offer you a unique opportunity to acquire a real factory competition car, owned until today by the manufacturer who preserved it in its original condition after having retired it. In superb condition, this spectacular car will be used for historical demonstrations and will be lined up at the start of an upcoming Dakar Classic where it will undoubtedly cause a sensation. The car, sold with its registration in the name of Automobiles Citroën, will need to be serviced and restarted beforehand; please note that the electronic box and the four on-board spare wheels are missing.
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