1986 Renault Super 5 GT Turbo

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1986 Renault Super 5 GT Turbo
French registration title Chassis n° VF1C4050500832308 Very low original mileage Second hand Very rare for sale in this condition Faced with the success of the GTI versions from Peugeot and Volkswagen, which were in fierce competition at the time, the diamond-shaped marque launched the R5 Alpine in 1976, which, despite its many assets, failed to prove equal to its rivals. Renault then decided to react and put to good use its experience of turbocharging acquired in competition. Thus the Supercinq GT Turbo was born. In terms of aesthetics, Marcello Gandini succeeded in modernising the lines of the R5 while retaining the essentials. The GT Turbo was presented to the public at the 1984 Paris Motor Show and was restyled in July 1987. Equipped with a Cleon-fonte 4-cylinder 1.4 litre engine fed by a Solex single-barrel carburettor and a Garret T2 turbo, the Supercinq GT Turbo had 115 and then 120 bhp and reached 204 km/h. The press of the time was not stingy with its compliments, and the little Renault bomb surprised with its turbocharged engine and muscular look. A "purgatory" period not far off will see these Super 5s disappear from our roads, worn to the bone by runs or rallies! Today, a GT Turbo in its original state, never modified, is a rare item, if not impossible to find. Even more so in phase 1 and in an exceptional original condition; this is the case of the car presented here. The charming little Renault shown in this catalogue is a fabulous collector's item with an unusual history. Indeed, it has lived its whole life since its origin in Italy, in Sicily, driven by a woman born in... 1930! Put on the road on August 5th 1986, it has an elegant black colour and inside the fabric is in two tones black and grey. As an option, it has electric windows and central locking with beeper. Rare at the time! This car will therefore be driven very little during its life in Sicily and will always be carefully maintained and preserved in original new condition. In 2019 the current owner found the car for sale in a Sicilian Porsche garage that had taken the car back when he bought another car and bought it. The odometer now shows just over 25,000 original kilometres. The tyres were still the original ones and the condition was truly amazing for the demanding collector of youngtimers. The car was brought back to France by carrier, but a service was carried out with a carburettor tuning and a change of tyres, which were not worn out but terribly dry! The current owner will drive the car very little, hardly more than 1000 kilometres, as he has other cars in exceptional condition. The freshness of this GT Turbo is astonishing: the paintwork is in excellent condition and our test drive will reveal an incredibly healthy car. Once the warm-up time is respected, our dynamic drive on a small country road will fill us with joy. The car is playful, the turbo blows and the chassis is precise. The four discs brakes work without fail. The low wear and tear of the system was evident from the fact that no noise disturbed our test drive. A few months ago, a professional expert certified that the car has never had a shock and is in conformity with the original. The last technical inspection is clean, the spare keys are present and the Super 5 is ready to take the road! Today, this car is aimed at a demanding Renault or sports car collector in search of authenticity and near perfection.
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