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Sans titre, 1966

Gouache et encre sur papier, dédicacée, signée et datée en bas à droite 56,5 x 76,5 cm - 22 ¼ x 30 in.

Gouache and ink on paper, dedicated, signed and dated lower right


Offert par l'artiste à Jean-Pierre Besnard

Transmis familialement depuis.

Alexander “Sandy” Calder (1898-1976) was an American sculptor and painter known primarily for his mobiles and stabiles. 
He studied painting, drawing and composition in New York, where the press published his early drawings of sports events, urban scenes, circus scenes, tumblers, boxers, football players and dancers in motion. In 1925

Calder made hundreds of drawings of animals in the Bronx Zoo and Central Park Zoo. They were published in a book, Animal Sketching, where his work's key feature came to the fore: movement as representation of the life of the world. In the sketches he drew from life, Calder sought to capture and transmit the emotions he felt looking at nature.

In 1929 he moved to Paris and met such famous artists as Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp and Joan Miró. From 1930 onward, he never stopped “drawing” with wire in a completely abstract style, to which he added other abstract shapes.
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