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Walnut veneer cabinet opening with two doors decorated in three animated reserves in fruitwood inlay and blue scagliola of vases and flowered baskets, acanthus scrolls, draperies and birds. Sides decorated with scrolls on a light background. Cornice with dentils, with a band inlaid with Pegasus, wild men and scrolls of foliage. Work of Thomas Hache. Chambéry, around 1695. H. 224 x W. 149 x D. 61 cm This cabinet faithfully reproduces the repertoire chosen by Thomas Hache to decorate his cabinets. The leaves are decorated with flowers, foliage foliage and flowered vases in tripartite reserves, which can be found on the so-called cupboards n°3, 4 and 11 listed by Pierre and Françoise Rouge. The latter inventoried fourteen cabinet models made during Thomas Hache's stay in Chambéry. In the centre of the cornice is the setting of the "Wild Man", depicted on cupboards 3 and 8, where a character, emerging from the foliage, grabs the hair of a second character who, in the struggle, lets his club escape, a setting that would represent the confrontation between courteous love, lust and violence. The Pegasus on the sides (cabinet n° 7) represent the Renowned. Bibliography Pierre et Françoise ROUGE, Le génie des Hache, Faton,2005, pages 83, 85 and 93. Provenance French private collection The motifs The motifs used by the Axe in Grenoble are inspired by the great ornamentalists of the late 17th and 18th centuries such as Monnoyer, for the treatment of natural flowers, Jean Bérain for interlacing, arabesques and various scrolls or Du Cerceau or Gole, Zancarli for iatlie. The Axe travelled to Paris and Italy, immersing themselves in the fashions and styles of their colleagues and, at that time, the wide diffusion of engravings made it possible to draw inspiration from the European taste in force. The facade is typically organized into three reserves linked to registers. The upper reserve is decorated with MOA2021
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