1927 Citroën B14 Torpedo

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1927 Citroën B14 Torpedo

Old quality restoration
Same owner for over 20 years
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Chassis n°: 291488
Registration: Normal series French registration certificate

Although the outward appearance of the Citroën B14 saloon is rather similar to that of the preceding B12, the technical specification of the new model represented a radical break from the 10 HP family. The B14, presented at the 1926 Paris Motor Show, had a lightened chassis, a 1 528 cc engine in place of the previous 1 452 cc unit, in order to give improved flexibility, a reinforced gearbox and suspension with four semi-elliptic springs, those at the rear set obliquely to improve road holding. Four drum brakes operated by the brake pedal, lighter steering and a larger fuel tank were also incorporated.
Without appearing to do so, with the B14 F model, introduced in 1927, André Citroën dealt a severe blow to his rivals by offering the most competitive car on the market. By the end of that year 400 vehicles a day were coming out of the Citroën factory. Ten years after the firm's creation, Citroën accounted for more than 30% of new car sales and had outstripped its main rivals Renault and Peugeot.

The model in our sale is a B14 F Torpedo from the first year of production. Looking elegant in its livery of maroon over black wings, this car has now belonged to its current owner for over 20 years. A former panel-worker, he has undertaken with his own hands the restoration and maintenance.
The car is handsome and well equipped and finished, since it is a ‘luxe' model. In addition, it has some original optional equipment, a radiator stone guard and Optik monocode Restor headlights. The upholstery, hood and windscreen have recently been replaced or refurbished, new tyres have been fitted and a mechanical overhaul undertaken, with particular attention to the cylinder head. We have not found any trace of rust on the chassis.
This car has a certain presence and is an interesting example of one of the earliest C4 cars produced. It is easily usable for participation in historic car events or family outings
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