VŨ CAO ĐÀM (1908-2000)

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VŨ CAO ĐÀM (1908-2000)
Les chrysanthèmes, 1949 46 x 54,7 cm - 18 1/8 x 21 1/2 in. Ink and color on silk, signed and dated lower right Chrysanthemums have strong, positive symbolism in Vietnam. Etymologically derived from the Greek «chrusos» and «anthemis» meaning «golden flowers», they represent joy, harmony and filial piety. For these reasons, they are often displayed in homes during the Tet holidays, helping to balance circulating energies and bring happiness to the family. These flowers are also a sign of longevity, nobility, good health and eternity. In fact, unlike other flowers, chrysanthemums bloom in an autumnal atmosphere, revealing vivid hues on the petals. Like Mai Trung Thứ, whose refined portrait of Madame Nguyễn Nguyệt Nga pays tribute to the generosity of the patron couple, Vu Cao Dam in turn offers a work rich in symbolism. With masterful brushstrokes, the artist skilfully draws almost ethereal petals, which come together perfectly to form flowers. The use of color is equally masterful, as the buds appear in flat tones of white, soft yellow and pastel blue. In the background, green tones and shades of brown enhance the design of the leaves and branches, echoing the Italian sfumato technique.
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