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About 36 letters and documents. Marriage contract (Bourges 1786). Patent of National Guard, signed by SANTERRE (Paris 6 March 1793). P.S. by PIE IX, plenary indulgence (1860). L.A.S. from Félicien Rops (1892). P.S. by CHARLOTTE of Luxembourg (1956). Letters received by the abbot Maurice MOREL : J. Desombre, G. Ferrier, P. Fierens, R.R. Figgis, P. Imbourg, R. Risset, G. Sauvage de Saint-Marc, A. de Schonen, etc. ; and notes by the abbot on Picasso. Attached are various documents, including a large file concerning the Boutigny family (late 19th century); a photograph of A. Malraux, etc.
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