BRITTANY File of approximately 200 documents,... - Lot 13 - Aguttes

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BRITTANY File of approximately 200 documents,... - Lot 13 - Aguttes
BRITTANY File of approximately 200 documents, 16th-19th c.; parchment and paper (most bearing a deposit stamp in the Archives of Morbihan). Important file concerning the seigneuries of Bernac in Saint-Allouestre and Moréac in Morbihan. Property titles: - Agreement between Perrine de Lantivy and Guillaume de Lantivy husband of Blanche de Lantivy about the goods of the late Jacques de Lantivy, his uncle (January 21, 1563). - Taking possession of the seigneury of Bernac by Jacques de Lantivy and Louise de La Chesnaye, following the death of Sébastien de Cléguennec, son of Jeanne de La Chesnaye (1574). - Sale of the seigneury by Charles-Joseph de Francheville to Thomas-Bonaventure Billy (1785; 12 documents). - Sale of the land of Bernac by the consorts Dondelin, heirs of Th. Billy, to François-Léon-Marie Dalmas de la Pérouse (1826). - Sale of the land of Bernac by the heirs Dalmas de la Pérouse to Félix-Henri Mollet-Fontenelle husband of Marie-Louise Dahirel (1847 - 1848). - Division between Mr. Dahirel and Miss Félicie Dahirel, to whom the land of Bernac falls (1875). Proclamation of the lords of Bernac to the dukes of ROHAN : - Proclamation of the seigneury by Bernard de Lantivy (1699). - Proof of the seigneury by Marie-Claude du Bois de la Salle, widow of Joseph-Vincent de Lentilly (1736). - Proclamation of the seigneury by Charles Joseph de Francheville de Plailin (1766). Aveux de tenues (by the tenants): - 9 confessions made to the lords of the lordship of Bernac (XVII-XVIIIth c.). - Sales, exchanges and transactions between the tenants of the seigneury: 16 various transactions (16th-18th c.). Various: - 2 leaves (1625 and 1626). - Affectation (1778). - Right of redemption made in the jurisdiction of the seat of the duchy of Rohan and signed among others by François de Lentivy (1627). - Income of the land of Bernac very detailed (1785). - 7 miscellaneous documents (XVIIe-XVIIIe c.). Water and wind mills of the domain of Bernac : - 16 documents (XVIth-XIXth c.). Farms : 105 pieces of farm lease (XVIIth-XIXth c.). Procedures: 54 documents concerning various procedures (XVIIe-XVIIIe c.), of which a request to oblige the inhabitants of the village of Trégarenteur to follow the mill of Reshan or Bernac (1698 - 1699). Parish of Saint-Allouestre: - Account of the revenues of the factory (1585). - Remontrance towards the rector of the parish (1691).
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