BRITTANY 13 charters, 1256 - 1313; parchments... - Lot 11 - Aguttes

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BRITTANY 13 charters, 1256 - 1313; parchments... - Lot 11 - Aguttes
BRITTANY 13 charters, 1256 - 1313; parchments (most of them have a stamp of deposit in the Archives of Morbihan); Latin and French. Set of charters concerning the house of ROHAN. They come from the Kerguéhennec chartrier. We refer to the number of the Cartulaire général du Morbihan (CGM) where these charters were published. October 1526. Vidimus confirming, given by Alain de Lanvaux, the letters of Geoffroy d'Hennebont, his father (1228), and Geoffroy de Lanvaux, his son (1258), bearing agreement with the viscounts of Rohan, relative to various possessions, and to the right to eat owed to the said viscounts by the lords of Lanvaux at the manor of Borgeil (34 x 26,5cm, holes). [CGM 297]. April 1529. Acknowledgment by Henri de Quénécan to Alain de Rohan, of the possession of certain lands that the said Alain had previously claimed from him (20 x 23cm). [CGM 304] February 1268. Letter from the seneschal of Ploërmel notifying that the viscount of Rohan must pay to the duke of Brittany the 180 livres owed by Henri de Quénécan and that he will receive in exchange 15 livres of rent on the lands of the said Henri (15,5 x 6,5cm) [CGM 335]. February 1273. Sale of the pledge given by Alain de Quenhoët for a loan of 200 livres made to him by Alain de Rohan (19,5 x 13 cm) [CGM 350]. 1274. Letters from Duke John I of Brittany, who adjusts to the viscount of Rohan, all the goods owned by Geoffroy de Lanvaux in the viscounty of Rohan, for the sum of 4000 livres (18.5 x 23.5cm). [CGM 356]. 1285. Sale by Guillaume de Mur, esquire, to Jocelin de Rohan, son of Alain, viscount of Rohan, of several lands in the parish of Mur (23 x 15 cm). [CGM 412]. June 25, 1296. Agreement by which Henri de Kergoët and Amou, his mother, give up to Alain, viscount of Rohan, and to his heirs in perpetuity, all the share they have in an annuity called the "Trevisieiz" collected in the parishes of Pluméliau, Noyal, Naizin, Remungol and in the fief of Olivereis (19 x 12.5 cm). [CGM 443]. July 1, 1298. Letters patent of John II, duke of Brittany, confirming to Alain viscount of Rohan the possession of the lands he had bought from duke John I and which were claimed by Alain de Lanvaux (38 x 42cm). - Letters from Duke John II, granting Alain de Lanvaux the 3000 livres that the viscount of Rohan owed to the duke, following his lawsuit with Alain de Lanvaux (23,5 x 18,5 cm, small lack on one edge, tails hanging). [CGM 446 - 447]. - Agreement between Alain de Rohan and Olivier de Tinténiac who claimed what was due to him from the inheritance of Mme Phelippes, mother of his wife Ysabeau, and sister of the viscount of Rohan, the latter undertaking to provide Tinténiac and his wife, and their heirs, with 45 livres of rent on his fiefs of the viscounty of Rohan (22 x 15 cm). [CGM 449]. October 27, 1311. Agreement between Olivier viscount de Rohan and Éon de Rohan, his brother, concerning an annuity of 300 livres on the viscounty of Rohan (25 x 28 cm). [CGM 484]. September 7, 1312. Agreement (copy of 1312) between the viscount of Rohan and Pierre de Kergorlay on behalf of his wife Jehanne de Rohan, sister of the viscount, who claimed his wife's share of her parents' inheritances in the viscounty of Rohan (24.5 x 20 cm). [CGM 482]. March 18, 1313. Agreement between the viscount of Rohan and Olivier Thomelin, for an annuity of 3 sous on the town of Baud (25 x 12.5 cm, fragment of seal on tail). A strong file of about 60 documents, XVIIth-XVIIIth c., parchment and paper (deposit stamps in the Archives of Morbihan), concerning the jurisdictions in the duchy of Rohan, and the reimbursement of charges and offices, is joined.
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