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A gold, enamel and pearl singing bird watch case with musical clock movement, painted enamel medallion in the center featuring "the return of the warrior" Rounded rectangular case, translucent blue enamel on lattice guilloche, two dials on the front, one for hours and minutes, the other for seconds, the whole is decorated with half pearls, the oval hinged lid painted on enamel protects the singing bird to automaton. The musical controls and the key winding of the watch are hidden behind the panel, on the left is the hour dial with Roman numerals, on the right the seconds dial with Roman numerals. The front panel for winding the watch mechanism as well as that of the music also allows the adjustment of the hours and minutes by a key winding, several openings for the adjustment of the various functions bear the words "AR" and "LV" and the phrase "Weeks Rl Mecanicl Museum". The automaton songbird mechanism activating its beak and wings is driven by a fusee connected to a circular bellows and is controlled by a stack of several cams, triggered by a pull tab on the back panel. The mechanism of the watch is classic with a key winding, while the musical function uses a barrel with several pins to emit a harmonious sound, it is triggered by the control elements under the front panel with double dial for hours, minutes and seconds. Mechanism attributed to the Rochat brothers and master stamp inside the lid "IC G.R" for the workshops of Jean-George Rémond. Accompanied by two cases, one in red morocco signed "BERRY-HILL NEW YORK LONDON" and the other probably of the period and the size of the box. Height. 2,5 cm Length. 9,5 cm Width. 5,7 cm Gross weight. 368 gr PROVENANCE The mention under the central panel " Weeks Rl Mecanicl Museum " attests the provenance of this object in the Berry-Hill collections, illustrated in the book " Les Automates ", Alfred Chapuis et Edmond Droz, described page 203, Fig. 239, " Rich snuffbox with singing bird and watch, 1800 period (Coll. Berry-Hill) " and having been subsequently included in the collections of King Farouk, lot 551, sold by Sotheby's from March 10 to 17, 1954, Koubbeh Palace in Cairo, Egypt. The watchmaker David Rochat (1746 - 1812) of Brassus in the Vallée de Joux worked in the late 18th century with his three sons Jacques François Elisée (1771 - 1836), David Frédéric Henri (1774 - 1848) and Henri Samuel (1777 - 1854), supplying the firm Jaquet-Droz & Leschot with singing bird pieces and also staying at Frédéric Leschot's workshop in Geneva. The brothers went on to establish an independent company in Geneva and then with other members of the extended family to produce songbird movements of the highest quality. As with Leschot, their case of choice was by Jean-George Rémond (Hanau 1752 - Hanau 1830) who during his long career in Geneva registered his last firm, Rémond, Lamy, Mercier & Cie, from 1811. Jean-Georges Rémond. Master goldsmith from 1783 to 1820, he is mentioned in the Dictionnaire des Horlogers Genevois, the "fabrique" and the related arts from XVIe siècle to our days. On December 22, 1783, he struck his first master mark. Received Habitant in 1785, he founded his company Georges Rémond & Cie. He worked from 1783 to 1820 for the greatest of his time: Jaquet Droz & Leschot, Frisard and les Fréres Rochat. During the period of Napoleon and the occupation of the city of Geneva, he continued his achievements as our example shows with this new hallmark in a diamond which was in accordance with the laws of the New Department of Lake Geneva. The decoration of this painting on enamel on the lid is undoubtedly close to the works of the greatest enamellers of Geneva of the time, Richter, Dupont or Lissignol. This enamel painting, which represents the "return of the warrior", is very richly executed with an abundance of colors that have now disappeared in the enamel technique.
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