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French registration title Chassis n°10878 One of the most authentic factory Berlinette Interesting track record, including Monte-Carlo and Neige & Glace 1969 Ex Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Jean-Claude Andruet and Jean-Todt Light body, 1440 engine Clear history This Berlinette, serial number 10878, body 2085, was built at the end of 1968 by the Alpine competition department of the Dieppe factory. Initially registered 7749 GH 76, it has a light body, and many exclusive elements of the cars entered by the factory and assem - bled by the competition department: fixing of the alternator on the chassis, deported oil filter, central aero specs 90 litres fuel tank with its trap door of filling on the left side and its specific aero specs specific aviation Lebozec, small roll bar grafted in the resin, seats buckets “factory” typical... Under the back hood, the famous engine Renault tuned by Mignotet, brought to 1.440cc and developing approximately 130 hp. Contrary to the 1300 S equipped with 1 296 cm3, 10878 will be able thanks to this engine, to line up in prototype Gr. 6 series. And precisely, it is the idea of Jacques Cheinisse, boss of the Alpine race service, who decides to engage in the Monte-Carlo 1969 three cars in Gr. 3, for Vinatier, Andruet and Lusénius, and one in Gr. 6 for Nicolas. For a question of regulation, the Gr. 6 race is renamed Rallye Mediterranée, but takes place in the flow of the “classic” Monte Carlo. Right from the start, Nicolas, co-driven by Roure, takes second place in Gr. 6, behind the Lancia Fulvia of Kallstrom. The rest of the Rallye saw the crew sign a few scratchs (four, all cate - gories included!) and podiums, but nothing was done, and despite these brilliant moves, a few problems prevented them from taking the top step. After revision, 10878 is equipped with another Mignotet engine, this time a 1600 developed on the basis of the Renault R8 Gordini. This is the most advanced evolution of this engine by the Levallois-based tuner. Thus equipped, it was entered in the 1969 Neige et Glace with the crew Jean-Claude Andruet - Jean Todt. As usual, Andruet did almost no reconnaissance and went off the road ten times! The last one will lead the crew to abandon. The Berlinette, registration number 7749 GH 76, is then repa - triated to Dieppe and delivered to the VO service (second-hand vehicles) so that it can be repaired, reconditioned (no more Mignotet engine) and sold. It started its “civilian” life in January 1970, in the hands of Claude Swietlik, who entered it in the Rallye des Routes du Nord... where he was forced to retire after an accident. He then enters the Critérium Alpin, but has another accident, and ends up on the roof! The Berlinette is sold to a garage in Valence, which repairs it and takes part in some local hill-climbing races. The car changed hands three more times until 1983, when a certain Antoine Milesi bought it. It is him who brings the car back to “factory” conformity, with a 1440 engine probably developed by Ferry. Out of about sixty Alpine 1100, 1300 or 1440 engaged by the factory from 1963 to 1970, only eight have kept their original chassis, body and registration. 10878 is one of them. The car is sold with the authentic rally plate of the 1969 Monte Carlo, offered by Jean Pierre Nicolas.
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