1988 PORSCHE 550 Replica by Martin & Walker

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1988 PORSCHE 550 Replica by Martin & Walker
Exact replica of the 550 Spyder Exceptional presentation and working condition 20 hp engine and 5-speed Porsche gearbox French historic registration title Chassis n° 1102507416 The Porsche 550 Spyder is an icon beyond the world of collectors and classic car enthusiasts. It is a myth, a hymn to freedom and rebellious spirit that became the symbol of a whole generation eager for thrills. More a work of art than a car, the 90 or so cars produced from 1953 onwards were reserved for rare enthusiasts. Some stars even took the wheel, like James Dean, with his «Little Bastard». The vehicle presented here is originally a remanufacture from the late 1980s by the manufacturer Martin & Walker Ltd. The Thruxton based manufacturer Barrie Martin is one of the most advanced manufacturers still delivering a remarkable quality of workmanship. This model is more a re-creation than a replica, all the specificities of the original model being respected. Thus the weight of 550 kilos and the engine power are strictly identical to the original. The car we present was delivered in Belgium in 1988, so it is one of the first Martin & Walker that was called TECHNIC Ltd at that time. Arrived in France in the 2000’s, its current owner will take care to restore it carefully and to tune it up. The M&W are very close in their design to the Porsche 550 with a custom made tubular chassis and a Mc Pherson type front drivetrain with a double wishbone. At the rear, the magnificent aluminum axle - a true copy of the real 550 - is mounted on a reinforced De Dion-type chassis. The brakes are disc brakes. The flat-4 engine in the rear center position has been rebuilt and re-bored to 1,835 cc to develop 120 hp, fed by two magnificent Dellorto twin carburetors. The 5-speed gearbox is borrowed from the Porsche 914, and offers a pleasant drive once you get the hang of it. The exhaust is a custom made part by TT Exhaust in England, which has the same ribs and sound as the authentic Sebring model, Today, our car runs very well, revs up perfectly and the gearbox is precise and efficient. On the cosmetic point of view, the light blue paint is in very good condition, as well as the beige leather interior which has no defects. The undercarriage is new and the chassis is impeccable. There is no doubt that the work done on this car is of very high quality. Our 550 Spyder Martin & Walker is now the most reliable, easy, but also the cheapest way to get a piece of history so important in the history of the Stuttgart-based brand. The most important point, beyond its almost perfect condition, is that the car is well described as «Technic 550 Replica» on French historic registration title... And that changes everything! Notice to Porschists and iconic car lovers...
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