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Matching Numbers High quality restoration Optimal running condition French historic registration title Chassis n° 1E33817 Engine n° 7E 11061-9 The Jaguar E-Type, like the XK it replaced, set a new benchmark for sports cars. Apart from its engine, which is an evolution of the existing block, everything else about the car is a new development. Firstly, its stunning design was an evolution of the D-Type competition car, which provided good stability and exceptional air penetration for a production car at the time. But what made the E-Type successful beyond its design was its exceptional performance for its time, allowing it to compete with much more expensive rivals. The first series of E-Types began its career with a 3.8 l engine until 1964, when it was upgraded to a 4.2 l engine developing 265 hp. Initially available as a coupé and cabriolet, a 2+2 alternative was offered from 1966. The E-Type evolved over time to meet the commercial and legal requirements of the United States in particular. If the first Jaguar E-Types are still the most sought-after cars today, it’s because they managed to combine elegance, sportiness and comfort in a segment where their rivals commanded much higher prices. Of these, the 1 Series 4.2 l is by far the most powerful and easy to handle Our example is a 1966 Series 1 4.2 l coupe, in a very nice combination of Gunmetal Grey over a burgundy interior. This configuration is without a doubt one of the nicest possible on this model. The current owner bought his car in 2018 from a professional in the Paris area. Already at that time, a complete and intensive restoration had been done. The condition of the car was perfect and therefore convinced this enthusiast. The car has not been used much since. A service invoice from 2020, amounting to more than €7,000, shows the few adjustments that were necessary after a restoration of this caliber, such as the repair of a fuel leak in the tank or the adjustment of the rear trunk alignment. Today, the car is presented to us in a very nice condition. The paint is well stretched, and the alignments are good. The leather interior flatters the eye at first glance and we immediately notice the presence of the magnificent little buckets normally reserved for the 3.8 l 1 Series. The carpets, the doors and the roof lining have been changed during the restoration and a hidden radio has been added with discreet speakers. From a mechanical point of view, the car does not suffer any criticism. The inline six sounds good and revs are straightforward and linear, without jerking. As for the synchronized gearbox, it’s easier than the Moss gearboxes fitted to the first 3.8 l models. The gears engage with firmness but the gearbox control is precise as well as the clutch travel which allows to fully use all the suppleness and ardor of this engine. The suspension system is impeccable, bringing a perfect balance to the whole thing on bumpy roads as well as at high speeds, well helped by the four disc brakes allowing you not to worry too much about the next corner. This Jaguar E-Type becomes a real weapon when the roads open up, with the 6-cylinder enjoying an extension that would leave many of our modern sedans behind. In the end, it’s a real coup for our team both mechanically and aesthetically. The cost of the restoration having largely exceeded the value of the car on the market, we can only alert enthusiasts and interested parties... This E-Type is probably among the most beautiful examples available today.
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