1979 ALPINE A310 V6 BM5 ex Jean VINATIER

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1979 ALPINE A310 V6 BM5 ex Jean VINATIER
Personal car of the driver Jean Vinatier for nearly 40 years First model with V6 engine and 5 speed gearbox Strict original condition to be preserved! French registration title Chassis n° TA310270 Worthy heir of the A110, the Alpine A310 is the last car built by Jean Rédélé with a design worked on by Marcel Beligond who gave it a very original line, both compact and fluid. The founder of the brand had the idea of proposing something different from his Berlinette, very typical of racing, by proposing a GT capable of conquering a new clientele by offering a more comfortable 2+2. The A310 1600 was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971, and its very angular style was a break with its predecessor. A break in style and standing with the arrival in 1976 of the famous PRV engine developing up to 150 bhp at 6,000 rpm for 2.7l. Thus, the A310 finally reached the status that should be its own and could boast of reaching 220 km/h with a handling that built the foundation of the French brand. Formel car of the very famous French driver Jean Vinatier, he had a long career in competition, including a victory in the Tour de Corse in 1964, when he was the test driver for the Renault 8 Gordini. His talent behind the wheel enabled him to win the Silver Cup (1969) and then the Gold Cup (1971) at the Coupe des Alpes, as well as three Critériums des Cévennes in four years! Without stopping there, his history with Alpine will also be written on track, notably during the 24 Hours of Le Mans with 14 participations between 1958 and 1973, including six with Jean Rédélé’s brand. In 1972, he became a driver and head of the Ford-France competition department, his last regular race taking place during the 1973 Tour Auto. His career did not end there and today he still works for the FFSA and the FIA within the technical commission. Registered for the first time in the Paris on the 23 of February 1979, this car was then maintained in Jean Vinatier’s father’s garage before he bought it. In search of a car capable to drive to all the circuits of Europe as part of his duties at the FIA, he took his Alpine A310 V6 to Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Monza, the Nürburgring and many others at speeds that are still unmentionable today. We let him speak: «Attached to Alpine, I covered thousands of kilometres at the wheel in a comfort that few sports cars of the time could match. If its engine was a bit lazy, its chassis, its running gear and its lightness made it one of the best performing cars in its category. I often drove it at night to get the most out of its performance, but its huge advantage was that you didn’t have to work hard to get the best out of it. A real GT car!” Still maintained in the family garage until it closed its doors, it is certainly one of the most authentic Alpine A310 V6. Of course, collectors looking for an Alpine that is newer than when it left the factory will have to pass, we are in the presence of a car as we like them, in its strict original condition, never having seen the slightest accident or modification. During our test drive, we appreciated the flexibility of the engine, but also its power. The driving position is optimal, as the petal seats are perfectly installed. Everything falls to hand, without any superfluity. More GT than sporty, its braking and lightness give it an agility and road holding that make it easy to handle and reassuring. In the end, we think it is important to insist on the history and originality of this car because this is what makes it different from the others. Driven and pampered for nearly 40 years by Jean Vinatier, this is its record of achievement!
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