1986 PEUGEOT 205 GTI 1.9

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1986 PEUGEOT 205 GTI 1.9
45 000 original kilometers One of the first 1.9 Recent expenses French registration title Chassis n° VF3741C8607541898 What an event the release of the 205 GTI! At last a French sports car that competes with the Germans. Volkswagen, with a few months to go, missed the release of its Golf GTI by gentrifying the Golf 2 more than necessary: this benefited Peugeot! The press praised its performance and the little Sochalienne was named Sports Car of the Year by Echappement magazine in 1984. At last, a «chic and sporty» car that would become a symbol for a whole generation. Homogeneous, powerful and sold at an affordable price, it was unanimously acclaimed by journalists and enthusiasts. However, with each passing year, the competition rearmed. The Renault 5 GT Turbo now had 120 bhp and Volkswagen launched a 16-valve version on its Golf 2. Peugeot then had no choice but to launch a more muscular version. The light alloy rims were increased to 15 inches and concealed a specific braking system, and the suspension was revised to transfer the power to the magnificent MXV 185-55-15 tyres. Thanks to this package, the car offered top performance and a truly sporty character capable of competing with the most powerful and prestigious GTs of the moment. The 205 GTI presented in this catalogue is an authentic rarity as it is one of the oldest 1.9s known, put on the road at the beginning of December 1986 before the 1.9 was even officially marketed. It is graphite grey, code MOTW, and the interior is the light and dark grey railing specific to the first generation 1.9. It was used by a Peugeot employee in the Montbéliard region until 1993 and then by the second owner Mr S until today. The reason for the low mileage was that the owner worked abroad and only used it at weekends or on holiday. Its routine maintenance was never neglected, often carried out at the Peugeot dealership in Reims. In 2017, a major service was carried out, including replacing the belts and changing the fluids, changing the brakes and replacing the starter motor. The beautiful GTI had a total of 44,164 kms. At the time of writing, the car has just over 45,000 km, guaranteed by the presence of the technical controls and the histovec report. The paintwork is the original one and has just been polished, only the underbody was repainted due to stone chips. A professional dent removal has just been done, the bodywork is now flawless and conforms to the factory specifications. Our test drive will reveal a very healthy and homogeneous car with a torquey engine. The brakes with its 4 discs are still powerful compared to our current standards. The 205 GTI has now entered the automotive pantheon and this is a unique opportunity to acquire a rare 1.9 phase 1 and most probably one of the first built with a complete history and such low mileage.
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