1965 JAGUAR S-TYPE 3.8

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1965 JAGUAR S-TYPE 3.8
More luxurious and sophisticated evolution of the Mark II Iconic XK 3.8 engine and independent rear wheels Nice restoration basis French registration title Chassis n° 1B77190DN In October 1963, Jaguar introduced the S-Type, available in both 3.4L and 3.8L versions. One of the traits of genius belonging to Jaguar and this model is one of the most brilliant engines of its generation; the famous XK, which started life as a 3.4L engine, then as a 3.8L engine and ended up as a 4.2L engine. Designed in 1943 and 1944, born in 1948, the 6-cylinder XK engine remained in production until 1986, when it gave way to the all-aluminum 4-valve AJ6 unit. This is a great record of longevity for an engine that would lead Jaguar to victory at Le Mans five times. Back to the S-Type. The S indicates that it is a sort of super Mark II, the famous sports sedan launched at the London Motor Show in October 1959. The front of the S-Type is very close, but the whole rear part seems to come from the big Mark X, slightly reduced. On the front part, there are a few differences: the small nightlights on the top of the fender have disappeared, the headlights and fog lights are topped by a kind of eyebrow, the visors are made of sheet metal, the turn signal lights extend over the side of the fender, the grille is thicker and the bumpers are thinner. The interior layout is more or less the same as that of a large Mark X, with the advantage of narrower front seats, thus offering better support. To put it simply, the Type S is a Mark II with independent rear wheels and a Mark X interior. The detachable cradle that carries the entire rear suspension is exactly the same as the one that already equipped the E-Type and the Mark X, except for the difference in track. Mechanically, there is no difference between the XK engine of the Mark II and the Type S: same engine, same cylinder head and same carburetor. It is worth noting that 1965, the year of the presented model, is the record year for the production of the S-type with 9,545 units built. At the same time, the Mk II is in the opposite situation. The car’s file includes invoices for a body restoration performed in 1994. Originally light grey, the body was repainted in cream white. Note the presence of several period photos detailing the restoration: the engine was removed and the upholstery was also redone, keeping its original black leather. The upholstery has gathered a nice patina, as has the woodwork of the dashboard. We noticed that the engine block was not original, while the cylinder head was. The car is equipped with a 4-speed transmission with overdrive. We also noticed that the clutch bellhousing, which was split, had been re-welded.
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