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25000 - 35000 EUR
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Result : 35 760EUR
Second hand Only 124,000 km Attractive estimate French registration title Chassis n° WDB1240361B716733 In 1990, in order to compete with BMW in the sports saloon market, Mercedes unveiled the 500 E. Externally, it was a W124 (the code name for the E-Class chassis at the time). But under the bonnet, the manufacturer with the star has put the V8 of the 500 SL. A 5 litres engine developing a whopping 326 hp. More than the power, it’s the 480 Nm of torque that sets the pace for acceleration, through the 4-speed automatic transmission that adds to the performance. As for the running gear, Mercedes called on the expertise of Porsche. Reinforced braking, adapted suspensions, traction control... The 500 E is armed to challenge the competition. As far as timekeeping is concerned, it makes you forget its weight of 1,7 ton : 250 km/h in top speed and zero to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds. Underneath its sedan-like appearance, with only the slightly wider fenders, specially designed 16-inch wheels and a bumper with an enlarged air intake, the 500 E is a fearsome machine. Its temperament made it the favourite car of many F1 drivers such as Jacques Laffitte, famous tuners such as Alois Ruf and celebrities such as Alain Ducasse, some of whom drove it for over 400,000 kilometers. In 1995, the powerful saloon was retired after a production run of 10,500 units. Although the model is not so rare, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a 500 E preserved in its original condition. The example we present was ordered in April 1992 from the Mercedes Salta dealership in Lyon. It has had only two owners and has never left the Rhône department, so it retains its original registration. Its first owner gave the car to one of his friends in 2002 who has not used it much since. Our 500 E has a two-tone adamantine silver bodywork combined with a black leather interior. It is now in its original condition,with a few scratches and body defects. The interior is very well preserved, the upholstery is superb and the woodwork still has a nice shine. Only the roof liner is detached at the back of the roof. The electric sunroof is functional. At the wheel, we were able to appreciate its comfort and performance. As the car has not been driven much in recent years, a general overhaul of the mechanics will be necessary. It should be noted that it is accompanied by an important file including its maintenance booklet and its user manuals, its order form and numerous invoices. With its low mileage, its clear history and its attractive valuation, our sports saloon has plenty of arguments to seduce you.
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