1985 BMW M535i E28

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1985 BMW M535i E28
Nice condition Original configuration, never tuned Iconic youngtimer French registration title Chassis n° WBADC7100100641087 In 1972, BMW created its racing subsidiary, named BMW Motorsport GmbH, and quickly known only as M. This entity will first develop cars exclusively intended for racing, including F2s and Supertouring cars, before creating the first supercar of the Bavarian firm: the M1. This authentic racing car, produced in small series, inaugurated the BMW M. Indeed, in response to the invasion of German tuners, including Alpina, BMW Motorsport will now focus on mass-produced cars. The adventure begins with the M535i E12, produced from 1981 to 1984 with a little more than 3,000 units, and replaced in 1984, with the passage to the new generation of Series 5, by the M535i E28. The formula is rather basic, since the M label only concerns the aesthetics. Specific wheels, wide tyres, aggressive bumpers and rocker panels: the look of the M535i hits the spot. With 218 hp and 310 Nm of torque, the melodious and powerful in-line 6-cylinder engine propels the M535i to 100 km/h in just 7.2 seconds, and completes the standing start kilometre in less than 28 seconds. This is a remarkable performance for a saloon car of its time. Thanks to its excellent chassis, the Munich sedan was able to hold off the competition quite easily. With just under 10,000 produced, the M535i is still a difficult model to find in good condition and in its original configuration. Many of these cars have been driven a little too optimistically or suffered from a lack of care. The example we are offering is of Swiss origin and was delivered new by the BMW dealer in Morges, Garage Le Cèdre, in June 1985. This M535i is presented in its original Polaris Metallic colour, with its original TRX tyres, and equipped with its original M-Tech body kit. Without a service book, it’s difficult to follow the car’s history, but it comes to us in very good condition, having recently received a coat of paint, while our test drive revealed an extremely sound car, with no play in the drivetrain, nor suspicious smoke or noise. Alignments are good, the bodywork is sound (there are a few rust spots on the doors and rocker panels, while the rubber spoiler is cracked) and does not seem to bear the slightest trace of impact or accident. Behind the wheel, it’s as exhilarating as ever to drive a 1980s BMW. The five-speed Getrag gearbox (combined with a 25% autoblocker) feels right at home and the inline-six is just begging to be revved up. This beautiful M535i has a lot going for it and represents an opportunity to acquire an authentic and iconic youngtimer for a reasonable price. 
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