1979 YAMAHA 650 XS

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1979 YAMAHA 650 XS
The “Japanese Bonneville” Elegant and accomplished 1H1 version Rare motorbike, especially in competition condition French registration title Frame n° 1H1-300397 Engine n° 1H1-300397 In 1970, the Japanese manufacturer attacked Triumph on its home turf, presenting the 650 XS, nicknamed the «Japanese Bonneville». It had a beautiful tank, said to have been designed by Toyota, who had just designed the 2000 GT. It was also the first 4-stroke motorbike made by Yamaha and its largest displacement ever. The XS-1 seemed to be outdated from the start, with its old drum front brake and poor handling, which the XS-2 did not correct. It was not until 1974 and the 447, and then the 1H1, that the bike finally had good handling, thanks to a reinforced frame, and braking adapted to the power of the engine, thanks to a double disc in front. Like the other motorbikes in Mr B.’s collection, this XS has been restored to its former glory. To find an XS - and even more so a 1H1 - in this condition is a rare opportunity, one that nostalgic enthusiasts of the model will not miss.
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