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2 L.A.S. "your boy Harry" and "Henri", [Paris June-July 1892], to HER MOTHER, Countess Adèle de TOULOUSE-LAUTREC; 3 1/2 pages in-8 each. On the financial troubles of her maternal aunt Cecile Pascal, who had to sell the family estate of Respide. [June]. "My dear Mama, I was indeed counting on indirect news which has not been lacking, and the expectation was much more on my side than on yours where the interest was. Bourges informed me of everything. It is useless, is it not, to speak again of the sad event, and to brood over it. I will only tell you that I have been completely bewildered all week, having lost my sense of time and place. What state must Joseph be in? - Dad continues to talk about his imaginary departure. [...] repeat to everyone what you must have already said and what I hope did not need to be said, the great part I took in everything that happened, and... will happen"... Finally, he asks for an advance of 500 F, repayable on July 1: "I will explain why when you come and I hope it will be soon." [June-July]. "My dear Mother, I am the last of the pignoufs for not having answered your letter." Paul and Joseph Pascal are in Paris, "and in the throes of all the hassles of the lawmen. Papa gave us lunch on Sunday and dinner on Monday, he was very kind. I saw Uncle Odon, who told me nothing significant. As for the way Papa spoke to me about Le Bosc it was rather in a smoky tone. I know that Aunt Armandine is at Malromé. - Do you know that Papa announced to me that Uncle Charles was decorated with the Order of Gregory the Great. And Albi is jubilant. Mgr Fonteneau [Bishop of Albi] is a very clever man. Aunt Alix also wrote to Papa, probably to soften the bitterness of the pill. - What diplomacy? - I'm looking forward to good weather. It's hot but stormy. Try to bring us the sun as soon as possible, and ask Tata to intercede with St. Michael, who I believe is very well with her. .... Correspondence (ed. Herbert Schimmel, 1992), nos. 232-233, p. 195-196.
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