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L.A.S. "Henri", London 6 June 1892, to HER MOTHER, the Countess Adèle de TOULOUSE-LAUTREC; 4 pages in-8, headed Charing Cross Hotel. On his stay in London. His mother's letter has brought him "a little up to date with what is happening in the family. I would have a whole volume to write, if I had to enumerate only the various things I have seen in the last eight days. Paintings, pictures, sculptures, tapestries, palaces, abbeys, and even scenes in the street that are interesting because of the ease with which they box... I saw a sweeper all red with indignation send an unfortunate old man rolling down the middle of the road... because the latter had relieved himself in the corner of a door". He also had "the unpleasant experience of a Sunday in London. Everything closed until 6 p.m., mail not delivered and meals hardly served at the hotel. But there are also compensations in the libraries where art objects are available to artists with a complacency unknown in France. He leaves "for the country to get some fresh air, and tomorrow and the next day to finish my shopping", before returning to Paris on Thursday... Correspondence (ed. Herbert Schimmel, 1992), n° 226, p. 192 (inaccurate text).
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