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L.A.S. "H", [Paris October 1891], to HER MOTHER, Countess Adèle de TOULOUSE-LAUTREC; 3 pages in-8. He is "very glad that your rescue was carried out without a hitch and I hope that you will not delay in coming here leaving Auntie in good company to come and see your son, whom you are letting go quite casually thanks to the many impedimenta which have occurred, it is true; but it seems to me that the hour of revenge has come and I hope that you will not wait until New Year's Day to bring yourself here, arms and baggage. Nothing new but that. The weather is dark and everything is going on. Daddy talks of going away without conviction. The exhibitions are starting... Correspondence (ed. Herbert Schimmel, 1992), n° 206, p. 181.
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