SIGNAC PAUL (1863-1935).

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SIGNAC PAUL (1863-1935).
L.A. with DRAWING (end missing), Paris-Auteuil [c. 1900?], to a friend; 2 pages in-4 in blue ink, with his monogram at the top and address 16, rue La Fontaine (end missing; fold mark on one edge). On the relationship of line and colour, with a pen-and-ink drawing. He first mentions an article in L'Art Moderne: "I read between the lines and I see that you have been a noted success. - Well, old man, you have given a good collar, to the cause, and CROSS and I, embrace you. I realize what a nice bunch your paintings must make in this pile of moonholes that don't smell too good [...] I'm glad you noticed the somewhat "padded" side of your drawing. I had noticed it in Brussels and if I did not mention it to you, it was because I was afraid of troubling you with these questions of form, when you were ready to paint. It would have led to changes, to messes, annoying. I had spoken to Cross about it and I promised to talk to you about it. But, all right, you saw it yourself and that's better. You have made a valuable discovery. Our forms must be in relation to our tints; one and the other must be divided. For me the most beautiful line, is that which without a large, rhythmic form records the greatest number of small rhythmic lines, just as the most beautiful hue is that composed of a greater number of hues exciting it. [Drawing of two serpentine lines and two houses, straight line (A and A'), and divided line (B and B'):] See how ugly and dead A and A' are compared to B and B'. The flat line and the flat shade! Hay!" Then he talks about their upcoming trip to England, worrying about the National Gallery closing during "Holy Week"... "I am not going to St Malo and will pass through Dieppe from where I will join you in London"...
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