SIGNAC PAUL (1863-1935).

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SIGNAC PAUL (1863-1935).
L.A.S. "P. Signac", [1887], to Camille PISSARRO; 4 pages in-8. Interesting letter to Pissarro, about the beginning of the Indépendants and Divisionism, and the dissensions between the artists. He is happy that, thanks to Pissarro, his painting has been found. But he is concerned about his unanswered request to Durand-Ruel "to review my frames for the exhibition". He received the invitation to Nantes: "The devil is that I have nothing to send there - keeping for Paris - where the real fight is - my main paintings. Finally we will talk about this again and I will follow your advice. I will go to Paris around August 13, as part of the placement commission. GUILLAUMIN - (for sure) - and GAUGUIN - (I think) are not exhibiting - it's the big drop; they want to leave us to our own forces. So much the better! Of their own free will, these artists denying progress, and the steps forward, put themselves in the ranks of the firemen. It's sad to say, but that's how it is. Too bad for them. [...] I am only exhibiting divided canvases, because we have to make a date, and I believe that for us this exhibition will be very important. Do you work a lot? Have you found a practical way of dividing? I am dabbling, wasting my time, working a lot without any result. However, I believe I have made progress. SEURAT is in the same case as me, bored by the temperature"... Attached is a L.A.S., Saint-Tropez July 18, 1898 (2 p. in-12 on card with his monogram), to a magazine director, rejoicing to see his study analyzed there, and giving "permission to publish all that may suit you", but refusing to make "a new version", having already summarized it for the German newspaper Pan...; plus a visiting card as Vice-President of the Society of Independent Artists with a few autograph words.
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