RENOIR AUGUSTE (1841-1919).

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RENOIR AUGUSTE (1841-1919).
L.A.S. "Renoir", Tuesday [Venice October 1881], to the collector Charles DEUDON; 1 1/2 page in-8. Amusing letter at the time of leaving Venice. [Charles DEUDON (1832-1914) led an aesthete's life dedicated to art: after Chinese and Japanese art, he devoted himself to painting and more especially to impressionism. He helped launch Renoir, whose first painting he bought in 1878 and became a friend; his collection included works by Manet, Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Sisley...] "Adieu Veni-i-se my beautiful grey sky earth promi-i-se beautiful pa-ra-dis. I'm off to Rome and then to Naples. I want to see the Raphaels, yes Sir the Ra- les pha- les -el. After that, those who are not happy, I bet they will say I was influenced. I am sending two dirty studies to Paris, which will arrive in a fortnight, because I have asked a colour merchant to send them when they are a little drier. [...] you will tell me if it reminds you of Venice. I did the Doges' Palace seen from St. George's opposite, it had never been done I think. There were at least six of us in the queue lou lou"... [This painting of the Doge's Palace is kept at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown].
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