RENOIR AUGUSTE (1841-1919).

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RENOIR AUGUSTE (1841-1919).
2 L.A.S. "Renoir", [1879-1880], to Victor CHOCQUET; 1 page and a half in-8, and 1 page in-16. To the collector Victor Chocquet. [Victor CHOCQUET (1821-1891), a customs employee in Paris, devoted a large part of his modest income to acquiring paintings by painters such as Delacroix or Monet, and works of art. The day after the disastrous sale of the Impressionists at the Hôtel Drouot in 1875, where he appreciated the paintings that were booed by the audience, he wrote to Renoir to express his admiration and to ask him to paint his wife's portrait. From then on Chocquet acquired many paintings by the artist, who also introduced him to Cézanne]. [Vargemont near Dieppe, 1879]. "It is not possible for me to leave Vargemont at this time. Immediately after your departure, the lady who was there shyly asked me to do a portrait of their little daughter, which I had to undertake at once, because of their departure. As soon as I am free, I will go and shake hands with you and pay my respects to Madame Chocquet. I hope that she will be completely recovered and that all vestiges of illness will no longer be felt"... [Renoir was then painting a portrait of the daughter of his friend and collector Paul Bérard, at the Château de Vargemont]. [June 1880]. "Come and see me this afternoon around 4 o'clock if you have nothing better to do. I will show you my portraits. [...] Have you read Zola's articles on the Salon Voltaire? [These are Émile ZOLA's articles on Naturalism at the Salon, published from 18 to 22 June 1880 in Le Voltaire, in which he evokes the dissensions within the Impressionist group, and approves of Renoir for having sent his paintings to the Salon: "Certainly, let one keep one's independence in one's works, let one attenuate nothing of one's temperament, but let one then fight one's battle in full sunlight, in the conditions most favorable to victory."]
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