RENOIR AUGUSTE (1841-1919).

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RENOIR AUGUSTE (1841-1919).
L.A.S. "A. Renoir" with DRAWING, [summer 1868?], to Charles LE COEUR; 3 1/2 pages in-8 (small split at center fold with slight stain). Exceptional letter with pen-and-ink drawing of a painting project. [It was through his close friend the painter Jules Le Coeur that Renoir met his brother the architect Charles LE COEUR (1830-1906), who was one of Renoir's first and most important patrons. In 1868, Le Coeur entrusted Renoir with the decoration of the private mansion he was building for Prince Bibesco. The painter produced several paintings depicting Charles Le Coeur and his family, his mother, his wife, his daughters and his son Joseph, known as "Jo"]. "My dear Mr. Charles If you would like to ask your lady if she would like me to paint her full-length portrait holding Jo by the hand, in the garden, on days when the weather will be grey and on days when the weather will not be grey, from 6 o'clock to 7 o'clock at night. As I don't think you'll be leaving for Berck for a fortnight, I'll have time to finish my portraits. Only, there's one thing, beware. If you agree to what I am asking of you, you will have to pay for the canvas, since it would be impossible for me to ask Carpentier [a colour merchant] who would refuse me with all his money. As soon as you have made up your mind, write to Carpentier and ask him to send you immediately a very smooth 120 fine canvas, several layers, and then I will start immediately. P.S. If there is a frame of this size somewhere in the attic, or storeroom, you could tell Carpentier to bring only the canvas that he would nail on this frame. It's true that it might take a long time. If there's no way, don't hesitate to send me to the swing, it'll only be that! In any case I'll come Friday evening at 6 o'clock, to work if the canvas has arrived, and to do nothing if it can't. Don't count on me too much, you never know what might happen. I may find the omnibuses full and not be able to get to Humboldt Street"... On the second page, Renoir has drawn the project of the painting with a pen (7 x 4 cm).
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